“Bad Mission Bond” is unlimited! Next time “Thai trial” will be held from April 28

Nintendo decided the next target software to “ Bad Mission Bond ” for Nintendo Switch Online Subscriber Limited Event “Thai Trial”. The holding period is from April 28 to 12:00 to May 5th, 17:59.

During the “Thai Trial” held, you can play the target software for free until the end. The next target software “Bad Mission Bond” is an adventure game that challenges a number of difficult incidents by operating the secret infiltration team “BOND” consisting of policeman, large phantom and ninja scammers.

Yusuke Murata, who is known for the character design, “Ishield 21” and “One Panman”, etc., is in charge. In the game, comic tone production is introduced, and Murata teacher’s expressive power is leveraged.

Join the MY Nintendo Store or Nintendo E-shop ‘Bed Mission Bond’ product page, just download the software from the point where “Tarial” is displayed. It will be able to play if it is the holding period.

Also, sales will be held together. You can purchase this work with 30% off 4,989 yen (tax-included) from 12:00 to May 12 at 23:59. Take advantage of this sale who wanted to play through “the trial trial”.

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