PS VR2: Eye tracking can “improve performance” of games

PS VR2: Eye tracking can “improve performance” of games

PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) Re-Receive compliments from developers who have taken contact with the new generation of Sony virtual reality. Even without date, the device will take a step forward at a technological level with four great advantages over the original Helmet compatible with PS4. One of them is the monitoring of the eyes, which according to Brendan Walker , VR’s main engineer in Polyarc for Moss: Book 2, “can improve the performance” of the Games.

That ocular tracking can improve performance and increperformancee visual fidelity ” Thanks to folded rendering , which we explain below. According to Walker, the virtual reality that does not use the folded rendering causes the development teams “wperformanceting much rendering power and dedicating details where it is not really necessary that there is performance much amount.” That is, no folded rendering, additional resources are dedicated to points on the screen where the eye does not look.

Why the folding performance and the follow-up of the eyes are so important in PS VR2

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On the one hand, PS VR2 will be able to offer images in 4k HDR resolution in a field of Vision 110 degrees . This means that a lot of power will be necessary to not compromise the image rate per second or the visual quality of the modeling. The OLED panel will facilitate the interpretation of the colors to be purther, sharper; but the folded rendering is the one that will reduce rendering quality in the peripheral vision of the user **; thus focusing the greatest rendering at the exact point of the screen in which they are looking at our eyes. It is, in other words, a dynamic rendering; A technique that saves resources and concentrates – never better said – where the ocular objective is.

But how can that folded performance be effective? It is not by magic: it is necessary a ocular follow-up . Sony will include on PS VR2 a follow-up of the eyes to understand where our pupillary is directed when we use the device. According to Sony itself, “with the follow-up, PS VR2 detects the movement of the eyes, so A simple look at a specific direction can contribute more to the character of the game “. This will allow you to interact “in more intuitive and realistic ways to get” a greater emotional response and an improved expression. ” In short, greater precision, better performance and greater visual fidelity wherever it is important.

Apparently, studies immersed with the VR of PS VR2 are more than satisfied with what they are being able to try. If so, who will win will be players, who can enjoy higher quality video games. The device does not have a launch date, but it will be dependent on a PS5 to be able to use it.

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