Monster Hunter Rise 2022 Weapon List

Monster Hunter Rise 2022 Weapon List

Although each weapon in the Monster Hunter Rise applies at any level of the game, some of them require more effort than others to succeed. Although any list of levels will be a bit biased, players can usually agree on the procedure for general utility. So let’s postpone the personal favorites and move to the trifles.

MHR weapon levels

level S.

  • Hunting horn : Hunting horn has passed a long way since the Monster Hunter World. It hits and can easily strengthen the hunters and their allies simple to use melodies.
  • Switch ax : The most technical level S, players will have to make a little effort to fully master the Switch AXE. However, as soon as they passed the initial learning curve, Switch Ax beats strongly and quickly.
  • Long Sword : long-time Favorite fans, a long sword is easy to choose, and it is extremely effective at any level of the game. As in the case of Switch Ax, some experiments will be required to fully disclose its potential.


  • Big Sword : “Great Sword” – another favorite of fans. However, unlike the long sword, its attacks are slower and must be more calculating.
  • Charging blade : Charge Blade is very similar to Switch Ax, but has a sharper learning curve, which puts it below in the list.
  • Heavy onions : The first of two bows, heavy onions, has an additional advantage that he causes more damage than its lighter analog. It works well with complete ammunition for status, but requires a greater preparation for hunting from a hunter.
  • Light onions : Light onion works just like its heavier analogue, but inflicts less damage. Its inner light frame also provides greater mobility.

Level B.

  • Hammer : King Bondka can cause a huge damage, but his attacks are incredibly slow. This makes hunters vulnerable to Monsters’s counterattacks.
  • Glef insects : Spectacular and mobile gloa insects allows hunters to dance on the battlefield. It was optimized since the Monster Hunter World, but he lacks the same strength.

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* Rifle spear : Gunlance landing hunters in the middle of the battle. Shelling and attacking monsters, they can cause serious damage. However, a steep learning curve prevents many use this weapon to fully.

Level S.

  • Double blades : Double blades fast and aggressive. What they lack in the damage, they more than compensate for clean speed. Fans of aggressive gameplay should try.
  • Sword and shield: Sword and shield, the former king of the world of hunters on monsters, survived a sharp decline. He is fast and clever, but requires players to remember its combinations to be truly effective.
  • Lance : Spear allows players to face a face with monsters, exchanging blows. He is not mobile under any circumstances, and he lacks the ability of Gunlance to shoot on monsters.

level D.

**: Unfortunately for onions, all that he does, better makes another weapon. This is by no means a bad weapon, just not so good as it could be.

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