Buy Sony TV and get a PS5 gift

Buy Sony TV and get a PS5 gift

In May 2022 Sony begins with the delivery of the new XR models of their BRAVIA OLED TV series, which were revealed at the beginning of the year on the CES 2022 in Las Vegas. As a special extra, the manufacturer for all buyers sets one of these 2022 models a ps5 completely free on top. Everything you need to do is after the purchase of the TV to register the TV on the Sony website.

What are the prerequisites for the PS5 gift?

In detail, it is the models that X95K, A80K or A95K are in the name. The action is also specifically aimed at pre-ordering these OLED TV devices, which appear in front of the 10. May 2022 decide for the purchase. After registering, however, you still have to wait a bit on the PS5 . At the moment Sony answers that the console only from the 15. August 2022 is sent.

What can the new BRAVIA TVs?

As is the case with other current models of the BRAVIA series of Sony, the new TV series also receives the note that it is perfect for PS5 . Features such as 4K with the support of up to 120 pictures in the second, HDR or VRR \ – which has not yet been available on the PS5. The new XR series starts at 2,299 euros . Pre-ordered can be among others at Amazon .

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Sony-OLED TV buy, PS5 get used

  • Sony Bravia A80K (55-65 inches) incl. PS5 pre-order at Amazon
  • Sony Bravia A95K (55-65 inches) incl. PS5 pre-order at Amazon
  • Sony Bravia X95K (65-85 inch) incl. PS5 pre-order at Amazon

Spring Deals at PlayStation started

From today Sony also offers some Spring Offers in the PlayStation Store and in stores. Various games for PS5 (Buy Now 890,00 €) and PS4 can be purchased here with discounts. Which title it is, we have already summarized you in a message. More than 1,000 games are also reduced as part of a current PSN sales .

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