How to get all the collectible items North Vern Cooking in Lost Ark

How to get all the collectible items North Vern Cooking in Lost Ark

You can find culinary collection items in each Lost Ark region. The search process or creating each of them can be difficult if you do not know what to do. Fortunately, below we collected all culinary collectibles for the continent of the Northern Verne. Although many of them require several steps, some need only to buy.

Where to find all culinary collectibles in the northern right in Lost Ark

Below you will find all cooking items in Foliance of the Northern Adventure Finder. For a more detailed description of any collectible items listed below, click on their name to go to a special page.

Verne Jubilee Perfume

Roy inside Wine Bar Roy There is alcohol you are looking for. Look for Vern Anniversary Spirits in Ingredients The tab of your store. They stand 18,000 silver apiece .

Be sure to buy a second bottle if you are going to get full completion. Long live Queen! requires Vern Anniversary Spirits, which is the last and most difficult food product that can be found in the northern right.

All North Vern Cooking Lost Ark

Salad Balankar Ranger

As soon as you find this item, you will also need 900 Sterling Silver Prepare Salad as soon as you return to Celsider Celsius in Castle Verne .

Get out of the safe area in the East and squeeze against the wall on the right when you reach Triport Parna’s Sanctum Triport. You will accidentally find a place to collect the vine at the end of the ascending slope.

While you are here, we recommend that you collect two vines. You will need the second Salad of the Balankarsky Ranger to make Long live Queen! So take the ingredients for the second salad while you are there.

Power Proxima.

There is NPC in Wounds Village shopping street named Luijah. It sells two necessary ingredients:

  • Proxim Stern – 18 000 silver
  • Proxima root – 18 000 silver

You can find both ingredients in Ingredients Tab

You can only get the next ingredient, genuine leather Proxima, killing proxima . Proxima – Raid World Boss, which is reborn every 24 hours. Raid World Boss will appear on your map when you visit the forest of Vernese. Visit our World Bossima Guide to learn how to find and kill proxim.

Cook Cook in Castle Verne can help you complete the recipe and create Power Proxima . Cook Stelia is in Restaurant for gourmet on the Western side Castle Verne . You must prepare the final ingredients with the model before you can ask her to prepare a dish for proxim.

Before cooking, Proxima Course Meal, you must manufacture the following items:

  • proxima salad – silver 900
    Root nugget proxima – Silver 900

After their manufacture, you will finally prepare a dish Proxima Course Meal. Ask the Cooks of the Selium to make it for 1400 silver To finish your adventure.


The chamia, a cook in the castle of Verne, can create harmony for you as soon as you collect three components. You will also need 1700 silver to create harmony. Three ingredients of harmony can be obtained from Jiu Hee in Castle Verne when buying fresh cocktails. The cost of each fresh cocktail 150 silver .

Right-click on the fresh cocktail in your inventory will turn it into one of three items:

  • Doubtful cocktail
  • Acute cocktail
  • Delicious cocktail

To create harmony, you will need one of these items. In our experience, you will not have any problems with obtaining an acute or dubious cocktail. Your only task will be to get a delicious cocktail.

We were able to prepare a delicious cocktail, using only 22 fresh cocktails, which cost 3,300 silver . Harmony is one of the cheapest and simple dishes, which can be found in the book of an adventurist.

Goblin Fish Soup

Paying Silver 900 samples Celsius, a cook in the castle of Verne, you can get two ingredients necessary for the preparation of Goblin Fish Soup.

You can find the ingredient of an unknown soup in Goblin Village in Parnensky Forest . It is inside pan next to which the sick goblin is.

Do not forget to take the second portion of an unknown soup while you are here. Goblin Fish Soup is an ingredient Long live Queen! So after the first one will need to cook another soup.

You can also find the ingredient “Goblin Fish” in Goblin Village . Continue to go to the village until you reach the area that we noted above, which looks like a warehouse for food. Goblin fish will be inside something similar to the barrel in the south-western corner of the area. Do not forget to take the second Goblin fish while you are here.

Mushroom Ragu Fesnar

You can prepare the only ingredient of the mushroom stew Fesnar, paying 1400 silver to the chali, cook in Castle Verne . You can find Fesnar Poisonous Mushrooms on the north side of Fesnar Highlands. You can jump from a small cliff, heading north of the tomb of swords. The mushroom is located in a small bush right above the area where you jump.

Just push your face along the top of this reduced area until you see the hint to explore if you still have problems with her search.

While you are here, do not forget to assemble the second portion of the poisonous fungi Fesnar. You will need the second mushroom Fesnar Raga for the manufacture Long live Queen! Dish, so you can also take a mushroom that you need for him now.

Long live Queen!

Making Long live Queen! Lost Ark requires the creation of many other collectibles.

Each ingredient is actually a matter of collecting for cooking, which requires individual steps. Long live the queen! You will need these ingredients:

    • Food Proxima ** – 29,200 silver required
  • Salad of Balankarsky Ranger – 900 silver required
  • Harmony – cost 5000 silver.
  • Goblin Fish Soup – 900 silver required
  • Verne Jubilee Perfume – 18,000 silver required

You will lose all this when you do “Long live Queen”, so make sure you can lose them! Take it Cook Stool in Castle Verne When you have all these ingredients.

Go to the cook of the chamia located in restaurant for gourmet on the western side Castle Verne . You will need to pay her 1700 silver Connect all these ingredients in one, and you will finally get Long live Queen!

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