Hawkeye and the eternal rewarded for their representation of disabilities

Hawkeye and the eternal rewarded for their representation of disabilities

The Hawkeye series and the Eternal Marvel Studios Film have just been rewarded for their authentic and respectful representation of people with disabilities.


Performers with Disabilities: Inclusion, Authenticity & Allyship (Replay)
The Ruderman Family Foundation pleads for the full inclusion of people with disabilities in society. It regularly rewards cinematographic works of a seal of approval , for those who stage disabled in an authentic way **. This is the case of HawKeye and the Eternal.

The Seal of Authentic Representation for HawKeye and the Eternal

The two works of Marvel Studios were labeled from the Seal of Authentic Representation for their characters Deaf and mute . In Jehovah , it is the character of Makkari , an eternal interpreted by Lauren Ridloff which is concerned. In the Hawkeye series, it is the antagonist ECHO , interpreted by Alaqua Cox . It should be noted that Ridloff and Cox are deaf in real life , like their characters, and that Alaqua Cox also has a prosthesis instead of an amputated leg . Also note that the character of Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, interpreted by Jeremy Renner, is misleading in the series **, especially because of the many explosions he has suffered in his career of Avenger and agent of S…e.l.d.

Disney and Marvel make a point of honor to best represent the different minorities in their productions in recent years. The fact of having chosen actresses who know the deafness and treatment of people with disabilities in real life has probably counted in the choice of their cast.

Chloé Zhao , director of the Eternal film, declares at Hollywood Reporter:

Makkari is full of heart and wisdom. She is strong, charismatic, mysterious and mischievous. We are very lucky to have found Lauren Ridloff, who is our real makkari! She gave life to this character with love and conviction and learned a lot in the process.

Sarah Finn, ** Casting director who works in particular on Disney’s Marvel and Lucasfilm productions, explains:

Not only Lauren Ridloff was overqualified to join an already high distribution, but she raised together with her mind, her unique talents and charisma. It was a privilege to know her throughout the process and see how much she has become a real heroin for so many people. The character of Alaqua Cox, Maya Lopez / Echo, is based on an existing Marvel character who is deaf and americanist. By choosing the role, we wanted to celebrate and honor both deaf and Native American cultures. We could no longer be delighted with the performance of Alaqua Cox. It is phenomenal and is part of a new culture of cinema and television, where authentic representation counts not only, but is paramount for the type of stories we want to tell and how we shape it.

During the shoot, we had learned that Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld had both worked to learn American signs language to better communicate with Alaqua Cox. Proof of this is more than an integrated role in the series, it is a desire for the industry to best include people with disabilities .

Caster stakeholders with disabilities, for disabled characters

Among the other Productions rewarded with a Seal of Authentic Representation , the Foundation put forward and Just Like That and his characters Steve Brady and Chloe; Ordinary Joe and his characters Christopher, Lucas and Zeke; And Only Murders in the Building , with his character Theo Dimas. All are characters with different disabilities, played by actors and actresses who are victimized . Jay Ruderman, President of the Foundation, praised recent productions that highlights this inclusion:

We are delighted to see the latter group of studio productions implement the crucial values of inclusion and authentic representation in their casting decisions. These practices are becoming more and more in Hollywood, with the cast of Lauren Ridloff in the eternal and that of Alaqua Cox in Hawkeye marking a particularly mediated and capital stage for Marvel and the entire entertainment industry. Whenever a casting director or other leader makes such a decision, this facilitates the broader path of the industry towards the realization of its full potential as a lighthouse of all forms of diversity and social justice.

HawKeye is available on Disney + in France.


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