Strike decisions, Websen Nozos 18 days press conference

Strike decisions, Websen Nozos 18 days press conference

Webzen Labor is not able to find long-term agreements in relation to wage bargaining. The Webzen Union ‘Webzen Weed’ has conducted a vote of the issue of the issue of the issue to the union from the last 7 days and 8th, and the votes of 92.8%, and 72.2% of the pro – 2002.2.2%, and resolved the strike for the first time in Korea.

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And the Webzen union will notify the behavior of the issue through the press conference held on the 18th, and urges us about Webzen Kim Tae Young representative. The press conference is held in front of the Pangyo PDCC towers with Webzen Headquarters at 11 am on the 18th. In the field, Webzen Non-jun-ji and the Han Sang-pil, the Senior Senior Society, including the Senior Phil Senior Society, and the Pharmam Metropolitan Government Park Young-joon, Concrete content is announced in the field and is expected to be published in the site, and the Webzen union position and future plans will be released.

The time the Webzen union was the time to resolve the strike, but it was not a step of implementing it. At that time, the union side has been trying to continue to continue the company and wages. In addition, Webzen’s company also expelled to solve conflicts through dialogue. Based on that it is the only one, both sides do not reach a clear consensus point, based on that it is the only way to earn the behavior of the issue of the issue on the union on the 18th.

On the other hand, on the 18th, a press conference on the website was not executed in the Webzen instrument. In addition, the negotiating table is still open and added that I want to continue the union and conversation.

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