Challenge “Godoric (1th)” at “Elden Ring” level 120! What happens to damage and damage?

※Note! This article contains spoilers. If you are concerned, please refrain from browsing.

Turn to Stormville Castle ” -We I have received such advice when I just started with the new work action RPG “ Elden Ring “.

The official, open world games ignoring the main story and climbing. Even in this work, it did not change, and before “Radhan” and “Morgont” and “Morgont” and the Stormville Castle were not “ Level 120 “.

The order to defeat is from Radarn, and the Emanya is “Godoric is the weakest in Demigod! Because I defeated that! (Summary)”. Aoi-chan, I have not beat Godorick yet. I’m going to Bokkobo from now.

◆ Level 120 challenge “Godoric (1st week of the weekends)”

That’s why I will try to challenge at level 120 in the boost of Stormville Castle, the Boss of Stormville Castle. Of course the week is not overwhelmed. It is a genuine “First look”.

Distribution of ability value is roughly about 50 / muscle strength of 50 / muscle strength. A typical proximity build that does not use any magic. Avoid attacks, look at the gap, play a play style with a strong attack with a strong attack of “Hot Sword + 22”. The armor is “the place of the wolf” series, and the Talisman is the case of the attack power.

Intrusion in the boss room. In the movie movie, I shouted “Idiomya. I will be a golden monarch!” Self-introduction is the basis of communication. This is also “the boss taste of the early stage. We will be the king of Rani and Book!” Well, Book died.

While saying the first look, Godorick’s movement is somewhere. Yes, it is exactly the same as the “Godoflore of the Tree Tree” fought near the Prince. The type that is easy to avoid and avoid it is the type that is good at me. Not only the level difference, but also the experience of reaching the 120 levels is also used.

Because it was a gap, I shot a resident right away. The blow is scraping out “1,182 damage” and scraping the physical strength of Godlick. This seems to be defeated in about 6 shots. By the way, it is “495 damage” even with weak attacks without war.

On the contrary, it is anxious about how much damage will be damaged. While deciding on the rod stand up, I will try to get some of the attacks while deciding the appearance of “attacking”.

Basic attacks are “200 to 300 damage” , and it was the strongest, and the jump swing down attack with a tornado is “350 damage”. This HP is “1,378”, so it will be almost intact.

If you cut it to half, it will be the second form, and the dragonhead is summoned on the material of one arm. I began to spend breath. However, this is an experienced number of dragons. It is rather attack chance during the breath.

Although I received it, there is no difference in damage to the first form and where. If it is low level, you can withstand a bite attack that looks like a thickness.

If you see the Bless’s initial movement, you will soon get close. Sayonala Bai Big Drick with a holiday.

This is violent by level difference. When moving to the second form, it was also a factor of full Bocco that Godorick was no longer moving in various preparations. Although the damage is lowered, attacking to the dying last time. The second form is over in one shot.

Even though I endured severe pain and became stronger, Godric who was one shot is a matter of course. In the second week, I will go to the early stage, so let’s fit again. Farewell Godorick.

# ◆ All naked and heavy equipment

I told you to make it a bolo, but I did not defeat it once. There is an overwhelming level difference, so I want to try variously. After all the damage was worried about damage, I will try to attack with the most heavyweight series “Ovish off” series, and conversely, “All naked (no equipping)” is attacked.

First of all, a big mountain boo. Talisman also changes to defense, physical fitness and extends the cut rate explosively. It is because the defense is lower than the “land of the wolf” series, and from Tarisman, “Latagon’s eyelid stamp (instead of the ability value increase)”. The cut rate is the difference.

Well, I’m going to shoot more and more! I’m not going to hide the run away, so I can only walk because I’m equipped with the equipment weighted!

Only the appearance can be a bad attack, Basic attacks are “100 to 150 damage”, and the tornado jump attack records “as 200 damage”. HP at big goat is “1 , 230″, so I do not feel at all.

It is possible to attack even if it is equipped weight over. I’ll be able to beat it several times Godric is also “I’m going to beat it more many times, if I can’t beat it!”

Well then, the next is true or back, and it is naked without armor. Talisman and weapons are no longer, cut rate, of course, “0”. Some players who emphasize the movement of lightweight and have a player who choose naked naked. This time, I don’t feel like that, but I’m going to go too much.

It was a bit crowded with a slightly crowded tornado, but when I receive , the basic attack is “250-350 damage”, and the tornado jump is “400 damage”. Naked HP is “1,111”, so it feels effective. It still doesn’t feel like dying is high level.

By the way, when “Latagon’s eyelids” are attached, about 100 damage is added to this. Cheap cheap if you don’t die in one shot.

It was only “24 damage” when I received the second form of breath with “ Flame resistance Morimori & Shield “. If I am Godric, the level to stop fighting. It is no longer iron wall.

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