“Lets rest in front of the front door in times of war

“Lets rest in front of the front door in times of war

Red-white food can take over the spreadsheet in the Regionalliga West with a win in the catch-up game. So that Oberhausen has further chances of climb, it would have to emerge from Derby as a winner. “Purely, it’s about a lot,” says RWE Board Marcus Uhlig, “but many of us are currently experiencing a war almost in front of the doorstep.”

Therefore, both teams want to put a sign for peace during the meeting and “Solidarize” with the people of Ukraine “, creating in the national colors of Ukraine: Oberhauseners will dress completely in blue while eating in yellow will play.

Board and President appeal to fans

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“My colleague Hajo Sommers (RWO President, d. Red.) And I suppose that this Community action of RWO and RWE also moves the environment of both clubs a little for reflection and pause,” quotes quoted on the club website.

In the course of its followers, the supporters expect that it does not come back to clashes between fan feeding. “Let us all take us together for a sporty exciting but completely peaceful derby,” she is appeal.

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