Voices to the Bundesliga: Hamann Warnt FC Bayern – jersey

Voices to the Bundesliga: Hamann Warnt FC Bayern – jersey

FC Bayern has rather favored the FC Augsburg with 1: 0, which 1st FC Cologne catching up a 0: 2 residue and celebrated Borussia Mönchengladbach and VfL Wolfsburg important victories. The votes on the Saturday afternoon sections of the 29th Game of the Football Bundesliga at “Sky”.

Hertha BSC – Union Berlin 1: 4

Felix Magath (Trainer Hertha BSC)…

… to the game: “We played against a better team that was highly arranged and shown as well as well as she is. So the game has also developed, it has been shown to be more robust, and we were more robust could not enforce us. We had the first big chance that you may be able to use more self-confidence. By defense mistakes then the first goals fell what the moral has taken. “

… to question whether the high defeat with the missing experience in the starting eleven is to be explained: “You do not occupy the positions after age, but the skills. After the failures of plate hard and strong we had to rely on alternatives and there Young players like gecher has already experience, the decision was entitled. The right-back has made his cause properly, could not intervene at the first goal. “

… to question whether Hertha could hold the class: “The opponents in the coming weeks are not entirely at the level of Union Berlin and there will open up opportunities.”

… to the Hertha players who left their jerseys in front of the fan curve: “That the fans bitter are disappointed, I understand. To lose a derby at this height, all disappointed. It is not fair to the situation: It’s not like that that the players do not want it. They have played against a better team and did not get so much counter game that it became an open game. “

… to the full stadium (in front of the game): “It’s a dream that you play again in front of the full stadium. Also for me it is a few days ago. That’s why I’m looking forward to the game.”

… to the startTelf debut of Julian Eitschberger (in front of the game): “I do not know him either, he just trained twice and impressed me. He plays in a team that is towers, and has the mentality that has the mentality You wins games. He wants to play, is brave and greedy. We need such a player as we have too little game forward. “

… to a possible contract extension (before the game): “I have taken a task and currently only go to May 14th. After that, for me, however, I conclude nothing, as people often limit themselves too fast. I prefer to leave everything open. “

Urs Fischer (Trainer 1. FC Union Berlin)…

… to the game: “So, as the game has run, I enjoyed it. The victory is fine and deserves, maybe in height to a goal too high. The first half I liked the team was brave, After the break we had a trailer, get the 1: 1 unhappy. Then the team has reacted fantastically and kept the focus. It was important to achieve 2: 1 directly afterwards. “

… to question whether he had been surprised by the Hertha startup: “I was not surprised. The coach knows best about knowing who he sets up. He trains a picture of the boy and can take a picture. We prepared for two systems, so we were well prepared and the team has implemented that very well. “

… for a possible contract extension: “Urs Fischer still has a contract, so there is still time.”

… the Unioner status as best capital team (before the game): “I do not deal with that. I’m about how we set the team. For the fans it’s special, there are many emotions. Coach I see the pragmatic. “

Marcel Lotka (Torwart Hertha BSC)…

… to the game: “It’s a game as always: we got the support of the fans, they have pushed us. But it came to little, we have to analyze that.”

… to the offensive and defensive weaknesses of Hertha: “We made a lot, but now it means to get points, because Hertha will not descend. Something can not happen again. It is always narrower and we have less and less Games. We have to get our points. “

… to the relegation fight: “We have to get our points and the rest does not matter. No matter how, no matter what outcome.”

… to the gesture of some Hertha players to take off the jerseys before the fan curve: “I did not listen, Maxi was ahead and said we should take off the jerseys. Then I did that as it was called by the fans. You can see the fans that they are disappointed. They have given everything and pushed us over 90 minutes. The fans give everything for the club. “

Christopher Trimmel (Captain 1. FC Union Berlin)…

… for the third victory over the Hertha: “We talk about the city championship: Even if we have already won twice against Hertha, we absolutely wanted to win this game. Alone for our fans. This shows how constant we are traveling “

… to the Unional status as best capital team: “Nevertheless, we remain on the ground. We knew Hertha has a lot of problems and it is a simple situation for no 1. Nevertheless, we wish the Hertha in the league. You have seen that it is a football festival here, and that needs the city. “

… about the celebration with the fans: “Very emotional and beautiful. Personally, I also have to achieve a hit. We are staying after the balance, we were not nervous. I am very proud of this troupe.”

Timo Baumgartl (1st FC Union Berlin)…

… to the game: “A victory anymore. We have traveled with the aim of bringing the third victory against Hertha – we have done that. Finally we played before sold-out backdrop, that’s another feeling as in the cup in January, It is important to enjoy this and give something back the fans. “

… to his own goal: “We can already close the bag in the first half. Then the own goal falls – yet we stay in it and shoot immediately the 2: 1. In the end it is also worth the height.”

… to weaken city rivals: “We all wish Hertha in the league, as such derbies are most fun. I have another club with the VfB, which I press the thumbs up. Therefore, the better team should stay “

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Maximilian Mittelstädt (Hertha BSC)…

… to his constitution after derby bankruptcy: “How should it go to me? Shit naturally. We made something else. After the break we came well into the game and were on the pusher. That’s the game so from the Give a hand is not to explain. I’m sorry for the fans and the club. “

… to the gesture of some Hertha players to take off the jerseys before the fan curve: “It’s hard to explain. What was discussed with the fans, I prefer not to tell. It was a gesture to take off the jersey. I just heard That we should take off and lie down the jersey. After the game it is clear that the fans are angry, so I did it. “

… the question of whether this had been the most serious minutes of his Hertha career: “Against Union, a different performance is expected to be understood in front of a sold-out house. Therefore, the reaction of the fans is understandable. Whether what has to do with humiliation or not – I do – I do Just want to prevent a confrontation. “

… to ask what to give him courage for the relegation battle: “I encourage that we can show another face. Against Hoffenheim we have shown that we are able to play a better football. To this performance We have to build, as the coming three games will be crucial. Then I believe that we will still stay in the league. “

Fredi Bobic (Managing Director Bayern Hertha BSC)…

… to the game: “It’s bitter that we lose a derby at home in height. We have also losed rightly, you have to say that, we have given the game – as in the entire second half of the year – as We had control. That’s why it’s bitter – especially in front of the full house. Our fans have supported us to the end. You have to take that, that’s Bayern. “

… to question whether the derby bankrupt is a particularly painful: “It is a defeat and there is zero points. It is Union and you are currently a number stronger than we have to acknowledge that. We never have to acknowledge that Other said. It was clear that they were the favorites, and they did well. We play against the descent and on the table has changed the defeat nothing changed. We have it in my hands, but we have to do something for it Now have opponents in front of the chest that stands with us in the lower third. “

… to question whether he had moved the jersey before the Fankurve: “No – I’m proud of the jersey. I understand the displeasure that we lose the derby and have lost three times in series. That makes us No fun. But we are also athletes. That has nothing to do with confrontation. “

… to the important games in the coming weeks: “They have it in themselves, as the descent fight has always in themselves. I was as a player in it, was as a functional in it. It is always a fight to the end. This fight You have to take up to the end. It seems so illogical it is never written off and has it in my hand. The starting position is the same next week. “

Expert Lothar Matthew…

… to the game: “Union has demonstrated pleasure at football, enthusiasm, fanny sought and deserved – everything you can do in football. They played modern football. A worries drop: Hertha BSC did not play like a Bundesliga club, You have played like a relegated: There are no chances at the front. Therefore, they stand where they are. “

… for descent fight: “The luck for Hertha is that Stuttgart and Bielefeld have lost. It will be a hard fight for all three, I wish the Hertha with the audience and the stadium. I also wish the Bundesliga such a derby In the end, however, the points decide and when you play like that, you will not get many points and it will not be enough to climb. “

FC Bayern – FC Augsburg 1: 0

Julian Nagelsmann (coach FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “In the end, a game is there to win it. It is of course an unfortunate time, we have the important game on Tuesday. We had good change, Sabitzer and Coman gained us the game. The first Half time was not good. “

… the question of whether in the team is uncertain: “If you see the Bundesliga table and the number of our goals, there is not much reason to uncertainty. We had some Wackler in the course of the season, maybe there is something with it. In the end? is not every player on his peak, the thoughts are addressed to Tuesday: You do not want to hurt you and not all grains of Dalsy – that’s normal. The 20 minutes after the break were good, then a trailer came before we got the last ten Minutes have made good pressure and deserved have won. We have to shine the last few weeks, we just have to win. “

… the question of how much the performance on Tuesday must rise: “60-70%.”

… to his comments about the protest of the Sc Freiburg (before the game): “I wrote to Christian Streich and will call him yet. I am one who says his opinion. However, I admit too if I committed a mistake I have made a mistake. I will not change my personal opinion, but I did not have the dimension of Bayern right on the screen – I’m honest. That’s why I falsely have my way to get a wrong way expresses the topic. I apologize for that. “

Leon Goretzka (FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “We did not play a good first half, it lacked intensity. If this is missing, you come badly in games. All the better that we have brought the intensity in phases in the second half And the game at the end still won. That’s why it’s all about. “

… to question whether the FCB against Villarreal must show a stronger performance: “This is not comparable to each other, there are two different games. We will have to increase ourselves on Tuesday and also do it. There will be the hut and we will burn Deliver a game which Bayern Like is. “

… to the hot phase of the season: “In this phase it depends on it. That’s the phase we love and want to see the fans. There are the co-games, it’s about title and we are extremely happy on it.”

Manuel new (Captain & Torwart FC Bayern Munich)…

… to the game: “One has noticed that we did not easily get into the game. It was missing at pace and dynamics. When we came out of the cabin in the second half we have made it better. It was then A decent appearance and in the end we have earned with 1: 0 won. “

… to respond: “One must not underestimate that Augsburg has won two games in series. They were self-confident and have put our pressure after they have seen how Villarreal has played against us. We have our problems We were the better team and deserved wasted routes. “

… to the Champions League second leg against Villarreal: “We will definitely be there – it will arrive on us and our power that we have to bring in the place. Our players are all hot, you realize that we already realize Think in this direction. We will rock the game with the spectators. “

Markus Weinzierl (coach FC Augsburg)…

… to the game: “We wanted to find solutions, Bavaria got us that. It was a great away game and we would have earned more.” The penalty is unhappy. “

… to the crucial penalmeter: “The referee explained that the hand was on the ball, which was on the way to the gate. I have seen the situation too. It is in the 80th minute against the Bayern bitter, if you Owned such an effort. Then get a penalty – but you can give it so, especially if he gets the signal from Cologne. “

Niklas Dorsch (FC Augsburg) to the game : “We left at least one point. If you look at the gameplay, we were grippy in the first half and have given huge opportunities we need to use. In the second half we have The game is noticed from Wednesday in the b1. Nevertheless, we kept well behaved. Then you get the goose through such a penalty – which is already bitter. “

Experte Dietmar Hamann zur Leistung der Bayern : “Die Augsburger haben es auch geschafft, mit einfachen Mitteln die Bayern ruhig zu stellen. Es fehlt den Bayern an der Bindung zwischen den Mannschaftsteilen. Du kannst nicht jede Woche spielerisch glänzen. Dennoch haben sie es in der Vergangenheit geschafft, durch ihre Geschlossenheit sich Chancen rauszuspielen und die Gegner zu erdrücken. Derzeit ist davon nichts zu sehen. Es war ein schmeichelhafter Sieg, sie hatten Glück, den Elfmeter zu bekommen. Sie müssen am Dienstag besser spielen – sonst ist Ende in der Champions League.”

VfL Wolfsburg – Arminia Bielefeld 4:0

Lukas Nmecha (Doppeltorschütze VfL Wolfsburg) zu seiner Leistung : “Ich bin in einer Lernphase, es war mein erstes Mal mit einer längeren Verletzung. Da musste ich rauskommen, ein paar Spiele ohne Tore sind nie schön. Ich fühle mich weiterhin nicht optimal, habe aber für die Mannschaft alles gegeben und wir haben den Sieg geholt.”

Ridle Baku (VfL Wolfsburg) zur Verletzung von Cedric Brunner : “An erster Stelle: Gott sei Dank geht es ihm gut. Ich habe die Situation nicht gut gesehen, es sah nach einem starken Aufprall aus. Ich hoffe, dass es ihm schnell wieder gut geht. Als Spieler auf dem Platz musst du einfach weiter machen. So ist leider das Business.”

Frank Kramer (Trainer Arminia Bielefeld)…

… zur Verletzung von Cedric Brunner: “Wir wissen, dass er wieder bei Bewusstsein ist und ansprechbar ist. Er ist für weitere Untersuchungen in der Klinik, um herauszufinden, was genau los ist. Man kann sich vorstellen, dass erstmal die Gesundheit von Cedric im Vordergrund steht.”

… zur Frage, ob die Leistung der Mannschaft durch die Verletzung zu erklären ei: “Leider muss man beides im Blick haben. In so einem Moment passiert einiges, dennoch haben wir nicht das gezeigt, was wir zeigen wollten. Das ist auch enttäuschend, tritt allerdings in den Hintergrund. Wir werden es analysieren, dennoch wird mehr als ein Ohr beim Cedric sein.”

… zur Frage, ob die Fans die Verletzung von Brunner unterschätzt hätten: “Das weiß ich nicht, das möchte ich ihnen nicht unterstellen. Die Fans waren sauer, weil sie von der Mannschaft nicht den bedingungslosen Einsatz gesehen haben, den sie fordern. Sie dürfen seit wenigen Wochen wieder ins Stadion und begleiten ihre Mannschaft. Da wollen sie, dass die Jungs ihre Herzen auf dem Platz lassen. Aus welchem Grund das nicht geschieht, tritt manchmal in den Hintergrund.”

Greuther Fürth – Borussia Mönchengladbach 0:2

Yann Sommer (Kapitän & Torwart Borussia Mönchengladbach) zum Spiel: “Wir sind gut in das Spiel gekommen, hatten über die meisten Phasen des Spiels die Kontrolle und haben gute Möglichkeiten rausgespielt. Wenn ich die Jungs so von hinten Fußball spielen sehe, Do I like this.”

Rachid Azzouzi (Geschäftsführer Bayern SpVgg Greuther Fürth) zur Frage, ob Trainer Leitl eine Ausstiegsklausel habe: “Es gibt eine Klausel, da brauche ich kein Geheimnis draus zu machen, und da ist auch nichts Schlimmes dran. Wenn er die Ausstiegsklausel hat, kann diese gezogen werden, und dann schaut man weiter. Auch, wenn er keine Klausel hat und gehen will, ist es immer schwer für den Verein, den Trainer zu halten. Das hat man bei Nagelsmann gesehen.”

1. FC Köln – FSV Mainz 05 3:2

Luca Kilian (Torschütze 1. FC Köln) zum Spiel : “Wir wollten den Fans was bieten, was uns besonders in der ersten Hälfte nicht gelungen ist. Da waren wir nicht gefährlich, bevor wir nach dem Anschlusstreffer wie befreit aufgespielt haben.”

Steffen Baumgart (Trainer 1. FC Köln) : “Wir sind zurückgekommen und es zeichnet die Jungs aus, dass sie nicht aufgeben. Das Spiel war allerdings nicht eins unserer Besten. Man hat den Jungs die Unruhe angemerkt und dann liegst du 2:0 hinten. Es ist gut, dass die Jungs dann nicht aufgeben, ihren Weg gehen und sich belohnen. Guter Fußball sieht anders aus.”

Anton Stach (FSV Mainz 05) zum Spiel : “Sie kriegen frische Kräfte, wenn sie hinten liegen. Mit Einstellung hat das allerdings nichts zu tun, das liegt an uns. Es war nicht gut. Wenn wir auswärts mit 2:0 führen, dürfen wir nicht verlieren.”

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