Lillymo Games Cooking Up Perils of Baking Remake pour PS5, PS4

Lillymo Games Cooking Up Perils of Baking Remake pour PS5, PS4

The dangers of cooking , the gastronomic platform game of Lilymo Games – a team composed of a single man at the time – obtains a full-fledged remake inspired by the 16-bit era of Super Nintendo classics and Sega Mega Drive. Foundly renamed Super Perils of Bake, the return release was actually redone for the current harvest of Sony’s consoles – that is the Playstation 5 and the PS4, to be precise – with an intrigue of Tales to start.

You play the brother of a chef who succumbers to give life to his culinary creations, and you will have to feast through 50 levels in order to pierce the secrets of this potentially disastrous blown. The developer promises an accessible experience that is relatively easy to take in hand but difficult to control, and just like the ancient titles of the firm as Habroxia 2, there will be various secrets to find – including a bestiary which, ingeniously, doubles a recipe book.

Super Perils of Baking, an SNES-Style 2D Side-Scroller Coming to PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and PC

The integrated trailer should delight your taste buds, but if your stomach is already racing, know that it has been in the oven and it will be served very hot on June 3rd.

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