Derby winner Trimmel hopes for Herthas league

Derby winner Trimmel hopes for Herthas league

“That means a lot, this triple,” Dreamed Trimmer after the game at “Sky”. Previously, Union had clearly won 4-1 at Hertha. The already third derby victory of the current season. “We always talk about the city championship. Even though we have won twice before, we wanted to win again today, for our fans too. This shows again how constant we are traveling,” drove drove wort.

“The victory is highly deserved, maybe a goal too high. I really liked the first half, because it can stand higher than 1: 0. After the break we had a bit of a trailer, get the 1-1. The team get unhappy Has then reacted fantastically, not confused, keep the focus. It was important to achieve the 2: 1, “Coach Analyzed Urs Fischer.

In addition to the third derby victory, the Ironanes as currently seventh still get the chance to Europe. “Today, it’s just to enjoy to return the fans,” Timo Baumgartl was pleased, whose own goal was not a major topic for the interim balancing, as the K√∂penicker class responded.

Herthas league? “A derby does something from a city”

While it runs around the Union, it looks gloomy at the Rival Hertha. The old lady stays in 17th 17, the mood is bad, the fans are angry. One descent is not wished in the camp of the Iron the counterparty but not. “We stayed on the ground, because we knew Hertha has many problems for you is not a simple situation. Nevertheless, we wish Hertha in the league. That was a football festival today, that’s the city. I can only do it Talk to me, such a derby makes something from a city, I like that very, “Trimmel said even for the old lady.

Relatively similar it also sees Baumgartl – with a restriction: “We wish all that Hertha stays in the league, such derbies make the most fun. But with the VFB Stuttgart, however, I have another club that I press the thumbs up. It Should the better team stay in there. ” The defensive man played between 2011 and 2019 for the Swabians.

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