Preview plus video about Two Point Campus: So fun can be university!

Preview plus video about Two Point Campus: So fun can be university!

Have you ever wondered why studying in some countries is so damn expensive? Two Point Studios go to the bottom with their latest game this question and drive on the humorist tip of the sobering answer: Because money deserve damn fun. Whether that works in Two Point Campus as well as in the quasi-predecessor, we should already look at.

Two Point Hospital was a completely successful game in 2018, which picked up with a shroud humor and pleasant entertaining gameplay genrefans like newcomers. As a spiritual successor of Theme Hospital from 1998, Two Point Hospital was not a completely new idea. But it managed to innovations in the right places and preserved the humor of the Hospital Business SIM from the 90s. Two Point Campus (Buy Now 39.99 € / 35.99 €) also does not break any new paths and in turn borrow many game mechanics from Two Point Hospital. For example, the level structure remains, which means every campus is a level and can be completed with up to three stars. However, we are allowed to go to a new campus after we deserve the first star. There will also be a sandbox mode, which we could not try yet.

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In addition to the well-known mechanics, the developer studio complements the new title around a few facets that make life at the campus more interesting and varied than still the activities in the hospital.

Come in, then you can look out

This will be a problem at the latest when students are unhappy. Namely, not only our reputation, which determines the amount of new enrollments, suffers, but some students completely refuse to pay thousands of dollars.

These are not only harder consequences than in Two Point Hospital, no, the needs of campus visitors are significantly more difficult to satisfy than those of hospital visitors. Unfortunately, it is not enough to set well-equipped teaching rooms and great lecturers so that Summa Cum Laude becomes the average grade of the graduates.

Students insist on having joint rooms to visit events and join clubs. Also new are dorms and shower rooms, because many students want to move in with us. In addition to the spiritual well-being, we may still not lose sight of the achievements of our protégés.

Libraries, jobs and facilities of teaching rooms play a role in student note. For the particularly heavy cases, we also access tutorial rooms, where a “failed” with a little luck can convert to a “passed”. Everything does not help if we have no reasonable teachers and other qualified employees.

Specialists in abundance

Two Point Campus Preview, EXCLUSIVE Gameplay
In addition to households and assistants, there were only another profession in the form of lecturers in our application version. The game tells us at any time, how many professors we need for which compartment, and generally we will be strongly accepted in the two playable levels of our preview version.

After each year, we have a quiet period in which departments can be expanded. However, that attracts a whole rat tail to tasks. New rooms have to be built, new lecturers have been set and, if necessary, dorms, shower rooms and recreational facilities for additional students are also planned. The extra rooms can be planned relaxed in the semester break, because the time does not really progress here. However, we do not get new revenue.

Money makes the world go round

Let’s start the semester despite missing rooms or lecturers, we get a first grace period. Not all courses run through all year round and later a course a year starts, the more time we have to compensate for our deficit with new revenue. If that does not sound, our students will miss a course and become generally dissatisfied. Financial failures and call damage are then unavoidable consequences.

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Page 1 Two Point Campus in the preview: So fun can be university! – Page 1

Page 2 Two Point Campus in the preview: so fun can be university! – Page 2

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