efootball 2022: we tested the update v1.0.0, it is much better but there is still a job

efootball 2022: we tested the update v1.0.0, it is much better but there is still a job

Sincerely, we are still wondering how Konami has been able to reduce all the efforts made in recent years to fill the gap that separated him from FIFA. Even if the simulation of Electronic Arts was commercially irrattrapable, in terms of gameplay, PES had nothing to envy to its eternal rival which quietly moved away from the fundamentals of football. After being able to find the right balance with the Fox Engine, the teams had to tame the Unreal Engine so that it glues to the principles of the franchise. Without necessarily talking about gameplay, we can say that the feeling is there: Efootball 2022 is indeed in line with the line line of PES. It is always the case with this update v1.0 that returns to certain questionable choices. For example, we note the return of collective pressing with R1 whose absence had frustrated more than 1. Moreover, we notice quite quickly that in this new version, the defensive animation is very much organized around the pressing. We do not know if Konami solicited Pep Guardiola to adjust the Efootball 2022 gameplay, but we have rarely seen a counter-pressing as aggressive. When recovering the ball, we are often harassed by one or two players who prevent us from reviving in an armchair. It is then necessary to go through the goalkeeper either to clear the ball away before, or to come out short, which implies a certain technical quality of the players. Taking the risk of starting properly, there is chances that several opponents are eliminated: look for a partner in the intervals or bypass the block opposite, it works pretty well.

MUST WATCH! eFOOTBALL 2022 v1.0.0 Update

Moreover, for graphics, efootball 2022 is finally presentable. Although there is still the way to travel – especially at the level of facial expressions that are too frozen and some rigid animations – the disaster that had made up any Internet is more than a distant nightmare.

When they are not cut, the passes circuits make it possible to have a step ahead of the opposing defense and to put it in difficulty if the block was not repositioned. A kind of guardrail to counter those who would abuse cleaning with cross (and the foot that automatically turns into opposition) without thinking about the space they leave behind. We take the opportunity to emphasize that in one against one, the hindered breather has won in finesse, including more flexible players on their supports to better frame their opponent and possibly intercept the balloon. The mythical square-cross was also resurrected by Konami which, during the launch of Efootball 2022, replaced it by R1. A sacrilege for the purists who will therefore be delighted to find their automatisms, even if some felt that squeeze a single touch promoted responsiveness and sequences. In any case, during a few hours we have been able to pass with the update v1.0, we witnessed rather dirty feints in which the opponent was systematically bite. As much to tell you that when there is no one behind to close the door and it’s Ousmane Dembélé who comes out, it’s open house. Clearly, the Cross Carré is currently cheated; We hope that developers will have the right idea of reducing his influence so much can kill a match. Konami’s retouching also focused on the physical engine, which must be admitted, was picking up at the time of deploying Efootball 2022.


From what we have seen, there is best even if we are still not at the level of PES 2021. Let’s say that a number of larum bugs have been deleted – not all, huh? – and that a form of coherence seems to have been found at the level of contacts. However, some collisions still deserve to be worked if only to give the duels thickness. There, we have the impression that the players slide on it, which is quite strange for a grinding where the protection of the balloon and the physical impact are considered priority. No doubt the addition of new animations will make the whole more natural: two players who strike without trying to cushion the shock, it is not what is expected of the Next-Gen. As for the inertia, it was already known that Efootball 2022 had remained faithful to its predecessors and therefore obliged to orient the player’s body and then receive, control and transmit the ball in the best conditions. This is a different approach to that of FIFA – which favors the show and the opposite courses: we do not have to join this proposal, but on the paper is what is closest From football friends. Therefore, we are not surprising that construction remains the keyword at Konami, Free-to-Play or not. Following the returns from the community, the developers decided to accelerate the speed of the passes so that one can better donate from the opposing pressing. As soon as it starts playing a touch, it’s still something. On the other hand, many of our actions have been rotten by passes addressed to the bad partner. We are told that this is a point on which the teams have worked…

Anyway, the update v1.0 marks the appearance of Kicks stunning. Basically, by pressing R2 + cross, round, triangle or square, we can run a pass, an opening, a striking or a center at the same time more pressed, more accurate, and faster. If the manipulation is done well, the power gauge becomes blue, knowing that it is better to try its luck when one has the free field. Indeed, the leather putting a little longer time to leave the foot of the player, we can easily get chicken the ball in case of pressing. We have not yet seized all the subtleties of these stunning kicks, but they seem to take into account the profile of the players. For example, in the case of a typing, those at ease in this exercise (firing, plunging, in first intention among others) will be able to give a more pronounced effect to the ball. It can be imagined that this will be the same for millimetered centers, or the heads and resumes. What is certain is that it is not necessary to use the stunning kicks to put the defense to the torture: a promptly metered depth pass suffices. It is an aspect in which Efootball 2022 still has to progress to prevent the central hinge or the lateral hinge from being opened in half. Even when a defender is in position to intercept a pass, oddly, he does not tend his leg. The kind of wandering that annoys. Since we talk about the rearguard, let’s add that the defensive heads have not fully convinced us. Whether it’s on a corner, a center or a free kick off the surface, the attacker tends to benefit, including when he is in a delicate position. Certainly, the action does not necessarily conclude with a goal, but in the stretched matches, it may be important.

If many imperfections remain, Konami has offered a little serenity thanks to a gameplay that has resumed some colors.

In small spaces, the reactivity of players has been improved. In spite of the pronounced inertia, they are able to unblock a situation on an individual feat, which is always enjoyed when it is string behind. Konami took advantage of the patch to rehabilitate the game plan. The “Tactical” section allows not only to change the training of the team and its style of play, but one can also give individual instructions – ask a defender to play much higher than usual, for example – determining a secondary strategy to apply it during the match according to the evolution of the score, or even influence the displacements of the AI In short, it is more expanded than in the original iteration. It’s just a pity that developers have not taken the time to review the interface of depressing austerity, not to mention the dressing that is still burning his eyes. Moreover, for graphics, efootball 2022 is finally presentable. Although there is still the way to travel – especially at the level of facial expressions that are too frozen and some rigid animations – the disaster that had made up any Internet is more than a distant nightmare. While waiting to find the same level of photorealism as in the past, the round balloon stars have been treated with respect. It should be in bad faith not to recognize Aubameyang, Müller, Morata, Pogba, Dembélé, or Lewandowski at the first glance. All that makes the salt of football – the disputes of the players with the referee, the goalkeeper who reflects his defense, the photographers on the grounds of the field, the arrival of the players at the stadium, the warm-up before the match, The dynamic presentation of the compositions, the post-match interviews among others – is present and promotes immersion. Those who know the house know that it’s all but a surprise.

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