Two Point Campus delays its launch until August;
 Official statement

Two Point Campus delays its launch until August; Official statement

Two Point Campus Change plans. The spiritual sequel of Two Point Hospital, this time in the university environment, is delayed until August 9 at PS5, PS4, Xbox series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch; The same day will debut in the Xbox Game PXbox Games catalog in all its modalities.

Why is Two Point Campus delay?

Two Point Campus Preview, EXCLUSIVE Gameplay
“Our ambition from the beginning hXbox Game been launch Two Point Campus through all the platforms simultaneously with the quality and standard that our community expects us ,” explains Mark Webley, Director of Two Point Studios. “This means that we need a little more time with Two Point Campus to make sure we offer the best possible game and that is enjoyable in the same way on all platforms.”

Webley concludes underlining that they will use these * three extra months to “optimize” ** the game. At first, they pointed to their releXbox Gamee on May 17. However, it will no longer be like that. In this way another of the great names expected for that month finally changes dated. We refer to Forspoken, who before his delay on October 11 wXbox Game waiting for him for May 24.

With Two Point Campus we can build the University of Our Dreams, but with the added point of humor that characterizes the saga. The subjects are at height. The Faculty of Knights, for example, allows you to specialize in medieval just, while that of gXbox Gametronomy is characterized by creating giant pizzXbox Game and huge pXbox Gametries.

“But not everything is going to be studying. Meet your students well and discover their personalities, their tXbox Gametes and their needs. Make clubs, parties and concerts to have them happy. Give them from friends , Help them to develop their relationships, proportional spiritual attention and make sure they are happy enough to become incredible people who are the pride of the legacy of your university, “reveal in its official description.

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