How to unlock the skins for your ship in Lost Ark

How to unlock the skins for your ship in Lost Ark

After completing Luterra Castle, you will open your fortress and the ability to travel around the world. Fortunately, you also have a ship sailing ship. However, if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your ship, you can change its appearance with the help of skins. It can make you wonder how to get the skins of ships in Lost Ark.

To get skins for your ship, you can acquire them in an in-game store with royal crystals. After you buy them, you can change the skin of your ship. They can be found in the in-game store on the Maunt and Pets tab.

What makes the skins of ships in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark Skins ships Change the appearance of your ship and give various bonuses . It can be increased resistance to water obstacles, better speed and even automatic acceleration. We recommend Hermida’s Song if you decide to buy a ship skin because of his bonuses.

A Guide To Ships In Lost Ark
But if you do not want to spend the royal crystals on the skin skin, the ship by default is quite suitable and take you to where you need. Otherwise, spend this currency and equip this skin of the ship!

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