Full-scale simulation RPG “Langrisser Mobile” new SSR Hero “Keartis” and “Erma” implement! Furthermore, the secret event “sealed battlefield” is re-appeared!

Zlongame was a full-scale simulation RPG “Langrisser Mobile”, and the appearance of “Keartis” and “Erma” from April 5 (Tuesday), and a limited-time summoning “Erma and the painting of guilt” We will inform you.

# New Character “Keartis”, “Erma” appeared

A artist who has a fried name in the Gresden Empire. He is politely a gentleman, but there is a lot of mystery that is close to nearly nearly close. He draws a dark painting on the pigment of the souls of those who were driven for desire.

Luciris’ s priest and a strong back shield of the protagonist. He is bright and sincere character, and a sense of responsibility is strong. He is a childhood friend of Ares, also plays the role of his companions and parents.
Erma plays his own mission in her unique style under the guidance of a female god’s lesilis and protects her important companions.

# Limited time summoning “Atsushin and sin bad painting”

“Atsushin and the painting of guilt” is a limited-for-a limited summoner that can earn one or more heroes with 10 consecutive addictions. SSR Celtis, SSR Erma’s appearance probability will be uploaded for a limited time.

# Sealed battlefield: Your original monkeys, advent!

The unexplored event “sealed battlefield” reproduces!
During the event, two battlefields will be open every week (total 4 battlefields). There are many stages in the battlefield, and due to the impact of the two months, both the enemy values are stronger than usual.
By clearing the quest on this battlefield, you can earn an important item of SP Rain release “Another Soul (Ring)”.

# Limited time event “reverberation of light”

“Reverberation of light” is a limited-time event that can earn a reward according to the charge amount when the cumulative charge amount reaches the specified amount. You can earn luxurious rewards, such as limited icon frames, Holy Demonstrates, Magic Stones, and SSR Accessories Set.

# “Langrisser Mobile”

As a work of the official “Langrisser” series, “Langrisser Mobile” is the content to take over the successive stories. The original series scenarios and popular characters are of course also recorded, and new adventure stories are added, and “Tatsumi ease” where you can enjoy “Langrisser” with the first player. In addition, the original series fans are the content that can enjoy both nostalgicity and newness.

# # ◎ Classic SRPG

“Langrisser Mobile” is to take over the original system, and points to teeth tactics considering the factor of the military and terrain. Main species are compatible with each unit, and the influence on the unit also changes to the unit by topography such as mountains and forests and rivers. Also, unlike other SRPGs, diversity stories such as scenario branches can be enjoyed well with players who have never played their original.

# # ◎ Story with the latest and deep

This work is distributed on the “Langrisser” series first smartphone platform. A new battle such as Elwin, Leon, Shelly, Nam, etc. appeared in a new battle over the Holy Sword Langrisser and the Sword Al Hazard. These original heroes can also be played in the new story. The voice of the character is also updated, and the player will draw into the fascinating world of “Langrisser”!

◎ Basic information

Game Title: Langrisser Mobile Genre: Simulation RPG Compatible OS: iOS / Android Price: Basic Free (In-game item charge system) rights notation: (C) Zlongame Co., Ltd., LTD (C) Extreme Official site: https: // Langrisser. Twitter account:

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