Take-Two: the next game of mafia 3 studio is on the way

Take-Two: the next game of mafia 3 studio is on the way

It’s been three years since the 2K Hangar 13 studio was launched Mafia 3 to very mixed reviews. While the story and the characters of the game were rented, his gameplay was criticized to be extremely repetitive. Since then, there have been rumors about what the next Hangar 13 project would be (like Mafia 4 or something entirely).

However, according to the president of the parent company of 2K, Take-Two Interactive, more information on the next Game of Hangar 13 will be revealed “in the coming months”.

Karl Slaff de Take-Two dropped the index at a recent call for investors when questioned about the next steps in Hangar 13 and a 2K studio led by Michael Condrey, co-founder of Sledgehammer.

“With regard to your question on Hangar 13 and also on Michael Condrey’s studio,” Slatoff started, “I would like to be able to tell you more about what they work because it’s very exciting, the two studios. We are incredibly excited to see the teams of Hangar 13 directed by (the head of the studio Haden Blackman), as well as Michael who has not been named studio yet, working on new exciting projects. “

“As I said before, our pipeline is very diverse and very vast, and we will share more with you in the coming months,” he continued. “And these two projects are obviously part of it. So you can certainly expect games to come out of these studios. I would like to be able to tell you more about them, but stay listening because they are very exciting, and we are delighted to be in business with these two people and their entire teams. So stay tuned. “

Mafia 3 No more missions fix
It looks like the next Hangar 13 game could be revealed to the E3, but with the seemingly decreasing relevance of this conference, it is also possible that we get a game revelation during a different event.

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