Fortnite: the construction is back and leave doubts about the future of the game

Fortnite: the construction is back and leave doubts about the future of the game

The question “When are the constructions to Fortnite?” It has been one of the most repeated over the last days and Epic Games at last has reactivated its characteristic mechanics in Battle Royale . The developer has done so respecting the decision that had already communicated to the fans of the game and maintaining this more traditional way and creating an independent modality called zero construction. In this way, all players can enjoy their favorite way to play the title of Epic Games.

What does the return of construction to Fortnite mean?

????When Does ???? Building Come Back In ⛏Fortnite???

Since the beginning of season 2 of Chapter 3 of Fortnite, construction has become one of the biggest debates in the community. Infinity of players have returned to the title to take advantage of the greater simplicity of the mechanics centered on the shot. However, the opinions were very polarized and an equally numerous group was wishing that the great fights will return to win the height that allow eliminating the opponents of tremendously spectacular shapes.

It is precisely this division of opinions in the community which could cause problems to Epic Games in the future . Although now that Fortnite is again on the ridge of the wave dividing the players in two game modes does not seem a big problem, the coexistence of the standard mode with zero construction does not seem so simple to maintain long-term. At least, not on equal terms. Faceing future events or alternative game modes, developers will have to make a decision that probably disappoint one of the groups.

What will happen to the Fortnite tournaments?

Where it is probably easier to allow coexistence between modes with and without construction is in tournaments. It seems evident that Epic Games will introduce different modalities. However, When it comes to great competitions, everything points out that the construction will prevail . After all, it is the main mechanics of the game and its domain has always characterized professionals. We have no doubt that in a hypothetical World Cup of Fortnite we will see immense torreons and the great duels for gaining the height that have always characterized the competitive.

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