Microsoft, Xbox Games Pass Family Plan Plans

Microsoft, Xbox Games Pass Family Plan Plans

Microsoft plans to add family plan options to Xbox Games Pass.

Windows Central This Microsoft has reported a single subscription account with a single subscription account, which can play the Xbox Games Pass Family Plan that can play together with a single subscription account.

Xbox Games Pass is a game subscription service that Microsoft offers, and you can play hundreds of games for free. In addition, the AAA class games of Microsoft Landscape Studios are also benefiting from the first day of launch.

And now we will be able to enjoy the services of this game pass that only provided for a single account. In almost the same way Netflix, it allows up to 5 players that live in the same country with a single subscription to use a family plan. The amount of the amount was cheaper than when five people subscribe to the game pass individually, Windows Central said.

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MicroStes plans to take advantage of the existing family account systems of Microsoft 365 Family ‘service, which are already supporting. The Microsoft 365 family is a subscription system that can use the service up to 6 people with a single subscription. The subscription account owner can be shared in a way that each user sends an invitation or adds to a Microsoft family.

However, the price of the Xbox Games Pass family plans, and the PC and the PC and the console version of the Game Pass, and the details such as whether there is a separate family plan, or the Xbox game pass altimit dedicated, and the details are not yet identified.

Although the family plan will be confirmed and released, it is not known whether it is certainly not known, but Windows Central speculated that Microsoft will announce this news within a relatively close seal.

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