Smile Gate AI Center, Human Down Artificial Intelligence (AI) Rating Platform Varcel (HULIC)

Smile Gate AI Center, Human Down Artificial Intelligence (AI) Rating Platform Varcel (HULIC)

The Smile Gate AI Center (Center Jang Han Woo Jin, the AI ​​Center) announced on the 29th that artificial intelligence, the ‘AI’ (‘AI)’ (‘AI)’ language model evaluation platform ‘Hulic, Human Like Ai Conversation.

The first public ( in the AI ​​Center ( is an evaluation platform that evaluates, researches and share the results of various language models based on artificial intelligence. The village builds and evaluates data to create an artificial intelligence language model that can interact like actual human for the purpose of exploring ‘human head’.

To this end, the AI ​​Center defines the appropriate evaluation items and criteria for achieving a conversation in a two orientation, as a human, and a plurality of participants were evaluated for conversations that have derived from an artificial intelligence model.. Unlike an existing automation AI language model evaluation, the village was differentiated in that the actual experts participated in the actual expert and have evaluated only the evaluation of the evaluated indicators. This collection and evaluated data are expected to be the cornerstone of ‘Human Down’ AI model studies that can interact with the mechanical response of the existing artificial intelligence model and interact with the actual people’s dialogue.

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Especially, District, is expected to provide useful information to language model researchers to be designed to be able to share, share and refer to externally. In the future, the AI ​​Center plans to evaluate the language model for a particular topic such as ethics and disgusting in addition to the daily conversation.

The AI ​​Center Hanwoo Jin Center said, “The existing AI evaluation platform has focused on most defined quantitative evaluations,” he said, “The time of the AI, the time to evaluate the comprehensive ability of AI according to technology development, which soon realizes human-down AI It is a must for the following. This is not only the first lines of tricks, as well as the conversation and ethical evaluation data, “said dialogue and ethical evaluation data will be the foundation for AI technology.”

Meanwhile, AI Center has launched a new business opportunity to create a core technology of fun (FUN), human-like AI and aimed to create new business opportunities in the field of entertainment. The AI ​​Center is based on the research on the human itself, such as “Fun AI”, which studies the various emotions such as pleasure, surprise, and impressions, The model is aimed at ‘Human-Like AI’.

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