Nicolas Cage as Superman: There may be another chance!

Nicolas Cage as Superman: There may be another chance!

Nicolas Cage would like to play Superman . Sounds funny, but it’s like that. Absurd is not only the idea of ​​itself, but the abstruse story behind it, then some time ago it would almost have come.

Superman Lives – with Nicolas Cage in the lead role

In the 80s and 90s, Tim Burton was the director behind the films Batman and the continuation Batman Returns . SUPERMAN LIVES was originally the next project Burton, with Nicolas Cage in the role of Clark Kent. Cage in the roll of Superman in a movie sounds from today’s perspective very abscuss, but would have to take place in this occupation in 1998 in the cinema. Apparently, Nicolas Cage could have been very good for “alienation” Supermans, at least this was allegedly the reason for the obligation. But the legendary project was, obviously, canceled. Thanks to “Pay Or Play” contract for Cage, there were 20 million dollars.

A chaotic production, numerous discarded scripts and ultimately large doubts in the entire project led to the end of production in April 1998 .

Nicolas Cage has not yet abandoned. In a teen-titan animation film, Cage has already borrowed his voice Superman. But a realfilm representation of the DC superstar could continue to introduce Cage according to a GQ interview . In the video “ Nicolas Cage Replies to Fans on the Internet “, among other things, a reddit post on the subject is shown.

On the humorous question of a Reddit User, why you could not just do this nowadays, Cage answers: “It’s important to how long I get in the role of the character? There is still a chance! _”

How realistic is a return?

Of course, statements in such formats are not overrated. Nicolas Cage does not necessarily make an enthusiastic impression in the video. But Cage would certainly be an interesting and almost absurd occupation for the role of Superman, especially nowadays. Would you like to see Nicolas Cage 2022 in the role of Superman?

Nicolas Cage Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ

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