Lol: Riots error that could have revealed the next great rework

Lol: Riots error that could have revealed the next great rework

Riot Games continues to work on large updates for League of Legends champions. With the launch of the new version of udyr scheduled for this year and the vote you have chosen to skarner as the hero that will receive a rework in 2023, the developer does not want to lower the rhythm and has already announced That has a few surprises in the face of the coming months. A work very grateful for the community and much more expensive than it seems of what could have been revealed the next step.

Looking ahead of the year, Riot Games has announced to be working on a mysterious project with something we have never seen and that will be detailed in the next champion road map whose launch is scheduled for next April. However, perhaps this is expected a somewhat more modest project or update could have been revealed by the developer in an error that has affected both the official League of Legends website and the Game Customer and that I would be intimately related to The Wild Rift mobile version.

The possible new version of Karma in League of Legends

Several modified Wild Rift champions have come to League of Legends. Riot Games already explained how the mobile version was helping a lot to the development of PC by providing new very interesting ideas. It is filed the case of RAMMUS , which obtained a definitive new one during the past season thanks to the version for iOS and Android. A situation that could now give rise to a playable karma rework that would arrive in the next patches thanks to many players have found their most interesting mobile changes.

Karma’s skills in Wild Rift are the following:

  • Passive – Mantra (New) : Every three skill releases, Karma launches an enhanced spell (in PC would be 5).

  • Q – Indoor flame (unchanged) : launches a projectile that inflicts damage and slows down enemies, the improved version does more damage and leave a trail on the ground that exploits with the passage of time.
  • W – Concentrated resolution (new effects) : links to up to two enemies, immobilizing them if they do not abandon the range of action. The improved version causes enemies to link to each other, being forced to disperse.
  • E – inspiration (adjusted) : The normal launch provides a shield and speed of movement. The improved version loses functions, by helping only the first ally that is in a range of action with respect to Karma or the ally on which the shield was used.
  • R – Transcendental embrace (new) : Create an energy ring that inflicts damage after a brief time lapse and absorbs enemies to the center.

The error of Riot that advances his arrival to LOL

In addition to the pleasure that many of these changes caused in the players, there is a fairly interesting test of the arrival of these new changes to League of Legends . It is a small sample of Riot Games on the League of Legends client and its official website in which the Karma character tab has been updated with a new description of the champion. In it the passive of it still receives the reunifying fire name, but shows the description of the new mantra: “The use 5 spells or attacks, karma power the next skill of it

Although it is not exactly the same description since in the mobile version only three skills are needed, the truth is that fits perfectly with the usual changes that Riot Games carries out in this type of updates. Wild Rift is a much faster title where cooling is usually reduced in this type of effects. In addition, the new description is available in several languages ​​(minimum English, French and Spanish) so it seems that someone sent it to update it ahead of time.

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Even if we assume that this new version will arrive in League of Legends, We have doubts regarding whether it will be the mysterious project announced by Riot Games . The truth is that the developer has carried out this type of operations in the past, so we would expect something much more innovative to the next Champions Road Leaf. However, it is of course one of the most interesting updates for the game.

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