FC Bayern: Rummenigge Prangert Premier League

FC Bayern: Rummenigge Prangert Premier League

Bavaria Munich’s former board leader Karl-Heinz Rummenigge Missing in football the consequences from the Corona Pandemic.

“The big problem of football is that football is unwilling to pull consequences from these things,” said the 66-year-old in the podcast tomorrow – the business & style podcast and added: “The salaries are still rising Returns totals continue to rise and every industry that starts their budgets during a crisis will need to pay an invoice at some point. “

Paul Breitner & Karl-Heinz Rummenigge | The Best Partnership in Football History?

Rummenigge also takes the European Football Union (UEFA) in the obligation. “It could, I believe, now be the big litter in which one gives the club tools to the hand, which relates to more serious finance, which is concerned, for example, leverage levels. Do not spend more than you take it. This is the sense of Financial Fairplay” said the European champion of 1980.

A problem is the English Premier League. “The Premier League is currently driving football, especially in Europe. They are at top level, but the UEFA can not be right that a league exercises such dominance now,” said Rummenigge and supplemented: “The only club that can still keep up is a French club called Paris.”

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He sees the 50+ + 1 rules in Germany as “a giant giant handicap”. The big question that you have to ask yourself in the Bundesliga, “How long can we do more tradition than competitiveness?”

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