Popular Rogue Like “Vampire Survivors” Roadmap released. New elements after the new element, the new engine transition of “10 times performance” is summer

Indie Led Veropper Poncle published a roadmap for the official version of the game “ Vampire Survivors ” during early access delivery on March 25. Also, the update patch 0.3.2 is also delivered on the next day 26 days. In this work, many elements are still implemented one after another.

“Vampire Survivors” is a rogue-like look-up viewpoint action game during early access delivery in Steam. “If you die from almost once,” “weapons and abilities choose from random lineup”, such as so-called roglike works that are often found in recent years. In addition to easy and addictive game properties, it is a work that grasps the mind of many fans with almost weekly pace frequent updates.

According to this published road map, this work seems to be expected to implement a large number of content implementations for version 1.0.0, which is a formal version. At the graph, the content implemented in the current version and the implementation schedule in the formal version are compared. First of all, if 15 people are currently selected, the official version expands to 24 people with nine people. Currently, there are five normal stages of three run-out of five, and two modeled bonus stages are also five, and the content is doubled as a whole. Then, three types of weapons are implemented in patch 0.3.2 (2 types + evolution) and 35 types of weapons will be added further and 48 types will be implemented. One after the left up of power-up is scheduled to be implemented. It seems that a large number of elements still refrain, and it would be a happy report for fans.

And this time, Relic brings new elements to the gameplay. In addition to “Treasure Map” (currently implemented) that allows the permanent overall map display function to be acquired, two types of game function enhancements will appear. And there are two Relic who brings change to the game play Memechan. One of them is Arcanas, which has previously been previously implemented, and this is scheduled to be implemented in April. The content of another Relic has not been fixed yet, and at present, elements like endless mode are up as a candidate. Also, about the story mode where the developer mentioned in the past mentioned in the past seems to be out of the implementation.

Besides, the progress of the development of the new engine version of this work was also revealed. This work was originally a project close to a hobby by the individual developer Luca. However, this work has become a big hit and the player base was also expanded unexpectedly. As a result, the response to feedback from many players was also quite difficult for individual scale.

Therefore, Luca was developing for the renewal of the game engine with the help of Freelance staff. The transition to the new engine has progressed smoothly and has already reached a playable state. The performance seems to be about 10 times improvement compared to the current work. From now on, we will promote the implementation of brush up and content, and the new engine version can be released this summer this year. And this work has been released, and the mobile version given in performance issues is also trying to be visually field to improve the engine renewal. Also, the current save data can be used in the new engine version.

This development source post is also introducing two works that have been triggered by the development of “Vampire Survivors”. One is the action game “MAGIC SURVival” for Android. The same work has a very similar mechanism to “Vampire Survivors”, and Luca has also had a great influence. Another one is “CVRL: Serenade of Chaos” inspired by “Devil Castle Dracula”. Assets of “Vampire Survivors” are derived from this “CVRL: Serenade of Chaos”. Luca commented that “Vampire SUVIVORS” would not have been born, unless there were these two works, saying that he wanted to play both works.

In addition to the contribution, a TRELLO board that can confirm the bug fix status and development progress of “Vampire Survivors” is also introduced. In addition, with the Discord server of this work, feedback channels are provided to accept bug reports and additional elements proposals. Although it will only correspond to English, users who love this work will be good to participate.

“Vampire Survivors” is currently delivering early access to PC (STeam). Patch 0.3.2 is also delivered from the other day. The new gameplay element Arcanas is scheduled to be migrated to the new engine this April this year. Demo version is released in ITCH.IO.

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