“League P arrival mission” is held from March 25 (Fri) on “Castle and Dragon”! Reward GET for each prescribed point!

Acobscrum Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Otomi Tachi) is “Castle and Dragon” that is well received at App Store · Google Play, “League” and “League P Reach Mission” 2022 We will inform you that we held from March 25 (Fri).

◆ “Castle and Dragon” Official Site:

A battle event “League” will be held in real time with users in real time, from March 25 (Fri) to March 27th (Sun). This time, “League P arrival mission” that can be earned every time the prescribed “league P” is reached. Join the battle and get a lot of rewards!

# League Overview

The League is a battle event that competes with the “League P” that can be acquired by participating in the battle during the holding period. After the “League” ends, the “Dragon Medal” or “Kibadang”, with the ranking ranking, and winning the “Ruby” if you win each battle.

[Holding period]
March 25, 2022 (Fri) 6:00 to March 27 (Sun) 23:59

# # Ranking Compensation Content

· Earn “Dragon Medal” Required for Characterization Depending on the ranking order
(The amount that you can earn if the “League” class goes up)
· In advanced classes, you can add more characters to the character “Kibadang” added

# # Battle Compensation Content

· Distribute dragon medals according to league class if you win 3 a day
· Distribute keen according to league class every one wins (until 3 wins a day)
· If you win 1, you can distribute 30 ruby ​​(one day one day) etc.

リ League P arrival mission
During the period, you can earn rewards such as “Ruby” and “Dragon Medal” each time the “League P” that you have acquired is reached. Note that the points needed for arrival rewards are different for each class.

# # Remuneration List

· 10 rare avatar tickets
· 1 friend Tore ball recovery 5 pieces
· 300 ruby
· 30 rare avatar tickets
· 30 dragon medals

リ リ League play unlimited
During the above period, participating in the league will not reduce your ticket.

完 ◎ Completely settled battle
During the above period, we will hold a “perfect settling battle” where there is no “draw” for all the battle performed in the league. At the end of the battle, even if the HP of the wall is the same, the “judgment” such as the number of crafts is determined by “judgment”.

リ League P reduction campaign
During the above period, the “league P” will not decrease even if defeated by the battle.

◎ “Castle Dora Battlefes 2022” arm Barbe OFF · Trio battle camp in the first qualifying 1st
During the above period, the “Castle Dora” player King’s decision match “Castle Dora Battlefes 2022” arm battles OFF Mode Trio battle camp will be held at the same time. Among the players who have set the qualifying participation in the game, up to 10 Trio rankings can enter the “March Convention Tournament” scheduled on May 22 (Sun). We are looking forward to participating in qualifying and sincere!

way to participate

“Castle Dora Battlefes” page in the game → “Proyed” → “Participation setting” → “Participation”.

Please check the game or “Castle Dora Battlefes 2022” special site for details.

▼ Special site is here

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