Cost Problems, Bethpa Shining Force Mobile New Development

Cost Problems, Bethpa Shining Force Mobile New Development

Bethpa said he decided to stop developing the ‘Shining Force’ mobile game that was first released in August last year.

This is said on the 25th of the Bespa’s General Assembly. A shareholder who attended the site has asked the associated question and the company has been answered. For the reason why we stopped developing the Shining Force, Bethpa side is “a cost savings in earnings. In situations in which a large number of projects in the project, the Shining Force was a long-term development period and decided to stop developing the related costs, “he said.

Currently, Bethpa is a listed abolition crisis. On March 24, Bespa last year was designated as a management stock of continuing business losses in corporate tax costs that exceed 50% of the three business years (in 2018, 2020) in two years (in 2018, 2020). In February this year, more than 50% of the capital richness of capital was incurred for two consecutive years, and the reason for the abolition of listed abolition was caused.

Sayuning Force, which was Vespa, the heroes of light and darkness are a mobile newly appointed to the SHINOING POS of SRPG, which is one of the leading mobile new gamers at the time of public. However, after the announcement, the production is stopped in about six months and it has not been able to see the light of the world.

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On the other hand, Bethpa focuses on King Season 2, aiming at Mobile RPG Time Defenders and Mobile RPG Time Defenders and Movies in Mobile RPG Time Defenders preparing domestic and global services. Two projects are currently in progress without interruption.

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