Relaxation [in] Carnation gets an output date and a new band

Relaxation [in] Carnation gets an output date and a new band

NieR Re[in]carnation | Opening Cinematic “This is Why I’m Here”
Since the launch of Nier: Automata in 2017, Drakengard’s derived series came out of the darkness to become a mastodon of the industry. Automata has been a huge success both critical and financial, resurrected the Nier series for a new generation. More recently, the original deny game has been reworked in Nier: Replicant, offering more than one million players another melancholy journey into the Apocalypse. Now, Square Enix is ​​preparing for the latest franchise opus – the free mobile game to deny re [in] eyelet.

We had our first overview of re [in] eyelet in 2020, followed by a brief revelation of the gameplay – but since then, there was no information about it. Now, however, Square Enix is ​​ready to give us a more in-depth overview of re [in] the intrigue and the carnation gameplay.

Nier Re [In] Carnation follows a new protagonist still unknown, the white girl, who is joined by a ghost called Mama when she wakes up in a huge and mysterious structure – The Cage. As one may expect from a mysterious protagonist of JRPG, the girl in white is amnesic and slowly find his memory while she ventures further and further in The Cage.

It’s pretty much all we know about history so far, but we had a brief overview of the gameplay we can expect from re [in] eyelet. The fight seems to be a fairly standard RPG rate, with an automatic playback option if you play on the move. It will also include GACHA mechanisms to obtain new weapons and equipment, as indicated by the Square Enix pre-registration program.

Pre-registration to the game now will allow you to obtain 3,000 gems to use in integrated purchases and a weapon evolution pack. For every 100,000 pre-registrations, there will be more rewards added – the next level will be released at 600,000, giving you 4,500 gems (enough for 15 free invocations) and hardware packs that you can use to improve your characters.

Ning: Re] in] Carnation will be launched free of charge on IOS and Android devices on July 28. You can pre-register now on the App Store and Google Play.

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