Microsoft is once charged to make bribes abroad

Microsoft is once charged to make bribes abroad

Beyond Xbox , Microsoft is one of the most important technology companies around the world. Like many other conglomerates, it seems that Microsoft does not have such clean hands as it could come to think, and after 2019 it became known about an important case related to bribes abroad, the topic has I returned relevance after some accusations by an Exemployed.

How Does Microsoft Make Money? (Not Bill Gates’s Microsoft Anymore)
Yasser developed , who worked for Microsoft as director of emerging markets at Middle East and Africa , mentioned that the company continues to spend millions of dollars in bribes. Out of 2016, developed found several payments made to different customers who did not appear in the records of Microsoft , something that immediately aroused several alerts. Among these payments handled figures from $ 40 thousand dollars, even others who amounted to $ 13 million.

After having given with these discoveries, developed invested the next two years of his life by investigating other anomalies in Microsoft’s financial records, something that caught the attention of his superiors and who told him to “leave things such and how were they.” According to developed , this is a problem that extends to all levels of the company.

After these statements, the medium The Verge contacted Microsoft to get a response from you, and this was what they said:

“We are committed to doing business in a responsible manner and always encouraging people to report anything that seems to violate law, our policies or our ethical standards. We believe that we have previously investigated these allegations, which have many years old, and have addressed them. We have cooperated with government agents to resolve concerns. As a company, we need to continue working to improve systems that help us prevent negative behaviors. We hope that if you see something that looks inconsistent with our policies or our values, let us know so that the small problems do not become bigger. “

Additionally, Microsoft is also having to deal with the recent hack that suffered and that apparently, the head of it was a 16-year-old adolescent.

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