We played in Babylons Fall

We played in Babylons Fall

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! - Babylon's Fall Honest Review (PS4/PS5)

Release date : February 25, 2022 Publisher : Square Enix Genres : action game Developers : PlatinumGames, Square Enix Platforms : PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC When one hears the name of PlatinumGames Inc., we immediately think of games such as Bayonetta, to deny: Automata and Astral Chain. Well, this time it’s with the Square Enix studio that PlatinumGames offers us the game Babylon’s Fall. Although this title seems interesting and filled with promise, it is not up to the expectations of players. We book our test of the game Babylon’s Fall. \ + Visual appearance – The camera – Playability \ – We bored quickly \ – very repetitive

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