VRFPS “After the Fall” is a cross-play compatible with a cooperative zombie shutter. PS VR version 25th release [Special issue]

VRFPS “After the Fall” is a cross-play compatible with a cooperative zombie shutter. PS VR version 25th release [Special issue]

Friends and teams are strategically kicking out a lot of zombies while using role sharing, assault rifle and shotgun, and a lot of zombies… Zombie CO-OP Shooter game is one of the classic genres of multiplayer games.

In this article, “ After The Fall ” is the FPS that such a zombie CO-OP shooter can enjoy with VR. The other day, PLAYSTATION VR version will be released in Japan according to the “Front Runner Season” where the first update delivery was started for Steam and Quest 2.

This work can be played with VR unique to VR different from ordinary games, played with the GAME * SPARK editorial department and the lighter, and it will approach its attraction.

In addition, the author is playing the QUEST 2 version of “After the Fall”. Screenshots and contents in the sentence are of QUEST 2 versions.

# CO-OP Play with Friends! Play with hardware in cross play

I would like to play immediately… but I need to make calibration settings every time I start this work.

Standing and play-sitting and play switching and sliding movement / teleport movement Movement method The setting of the VR game, as well as the setting of the VR game, as well as the setting of the pouch to remove ammunition can also be set.

The VR game is easy to get drunk than ordinary games, minutes of immersive. It can be set easily, so let’s find the environment that you can firmly find and play safely.

You can also choose to choose a reloading mode that can be played and played in veteran player from people who are not used to VR games and FPS. There are two types of simple mode that reload only by hitting the bottom of the gun on the ammunition pouch, or two types of realistic modes where slides and loading are complicated instead of a lot of reward drop, so in the beginning in easy mode If you get used to play, it is likely to use it to change to real mode.

You can also enjoy the solo player and field play fighting with AI and teams, but because it is a great CO-OP game, you want to play with friends. This work can be cross play between PC VR, QUEST 2, PS VR and several VR platforms such as STEAM, and can play teams with up to four people. As you can combine private matches, there is no concern that you don’t know if you don’t know.

You can register with friends immediately by exchanging the 9-digit numbers displayed in the game. You can also invite friends to private matches with one button from the social menu in the game. All missions start from the arcade chassis installed in a hub like a game center. The degree of difficulty is prepared in four steps, and the more difficultiness increases the reward instead of strengthening the enemy. Since the best difficulty’s nightmare is opened by clearing multiple maps, it is also prepared that the CO-OP game seems to be well.

This work is a simple and familiar flow that starts the map while starting from the safe room and defeating a large amount of zombies, as well as other CO-OP zombie games, and it is a simple and familiar flow increase.

The map is basically one main road, but the search for the search is sufficient. A crate (item box) that can be found in the map is mainly available from the crate (item box). The crate is different from color, and it seems that the available items also change. The opening status of the crate is a specification that is reflected for each player, and even if the player 1 is opened, it is not opened in the player 2 viewpoint, so it does not become an item.

After the Fall - Crossplay Gameplay Showcase | PSVR

Sometimes, it may encounter a corpse that has been frozen on the cachinchotine while standing in the way. They have been fighting just before death, and if destroyed, there are many things that can drop useful items. Unlike crates, it is necessary to consult with teammates, as it can not be taken there.

In addition, exploration can obtain equipment such as grenade and recovery items, floppy disks that can develop new equipment.

In the way, tentacles are often blocked by tentacles and areas are separated. Certainly, we will kick the zombies that come with a certain number of times in a fixed area, and advance to the tip of the tentacle weak point.

There are multiple types of zombies, those with high durability and only specific sites, and multiple types exist, such as explosion and explosion and visibility. It is a nasty special zombie on ordinary zombies, but this work is a tension that is more toned, with the intuitive operation of VR games and the sense of immersion of the vision.

There is no friendly fire in this work, but the body of the other player is likely to absorb bullets, so it is necessary to stand well while taking communication.

If you defeat zombies, the orange ball drops. This is a currency that can be used in the game, so you want to recover as much as possible. You can receive items such as recovery and grenade from the arcade chassis installed in the safe zone, but you can also use it to purchase the released attachment if you return.

In the current version, guns are prepared, such as high power handguns, assault rifles, and shotguns, and are open each time they clear each mission. The accuracy falls, but it is possible to make two. If you want to use a variety of weapons, you will be able to play one more mission after starting the game.

Attachments such as sites and magazines, wep sponskin, MOD, etc. can be released by floppy disks collected during the mission. After cancellation, you can purchase with the money collected in the mission with the hub. Because there are abundant types, there is also a collection of collecting this.

# PVP team death match too! Simple and VR experience to spice

Although Zombie defeat at CO-OP is main mode, it is also available for the match mode. The version played by the authors can enjoy team death match 4 to 4.

Although two teams are divided into teams, it is a simple rule that the player shoots, but the experience unique to VR shooters such as the difficulty of being treated, the time and effort of Reload is a spice, and it has a full fun mode.

The big attraction of this mode should feel free to use the various weapons prepared in this work. High power handguns, SMG, assault rifles, etc. are placed on the map and can be picked up and used during the game. It will be dropped if you die, but it will be possible to play how to get inevitable here before using it in the main mode.

Main mode is a system where guns and attachments are gradually unlocked each time you collect stage clear and collection items. First of all, you will use a handgun for the main.

“After The Fall” is a work that can be enjoyed by a highly immersive CO-OP zombie shutter as a multiplayer game.

The fun while communicating with friends and teams is combined, and the fun of strategically challenging zombies strategically in diverse weapons There are experiences that can only be tasted.

VR Shooter Even if it is a beginner, it is also possible to play and setup and feel comfortable, so a wide range of players can be said to be easy to play.

Volume also has a potential that can be a standard title that can be played for a long time because the content will be fully enhanced by updates.

The PS VR version “After The Fall: Frontrunner Edition” released from March 25 can play the “Front Runner Season” from the beginning.

In the front runner season, a new element such as a new map, item, enemies, such as a new map, item, enemies, such as a new map, item, enemies, such as a new map, item, enemies, such as a new map, item, enemies, such as a new map, item, enemies, such as a new map, item, enemies, new maps, items, enemies, such as new maps, items, enemies, new maps, items, enemies, etc.

In addition, PS VR version comes with luxurious four major benefits. In addition to soundtracks and artbooks, you can obtain them and avatars that can be used with PS4.

How about PS VR users jump into this snow, blood and zombie moral world? A experience that can only be tasted in this work is waiting.

“After the Fall” is on sale for PC (STeam) / PS VR / Meta Quest 2.

“After The Fall” PS VR Download Version is here
“After the Fall” PS VR package version is here

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