Some lucky have already tried already ps vr 2 and their feelings are very positive

Some lucky have already tried already ps vr 2 and their feelings are very positive

PSVR 2 Revealed! Everything We Know
PlayStation VR2 is a reality that will come soon as the Virtual Reality Device of PlayStation 5. From Sony they are putting many expectations and promise to give war in the battle of this type of product to companies such as Facebook and their Meta Quest 2 That, at the moment, it seems to be the king. Little we know about PS VR 2 At the moment, but it seems that some attendees of the event Game Developers Conference 2022 that is being celebrated in San Francisco have been able to test the new hardware.

Among the opinions of Chet Faliszek, former scriptwriter of Valve and Bossa Studios who seem to have left very satisfied after his first contact with PS VR 2. “I had one of those moments of virtual reality playing today with PSVR2. Muuuuy well … “, he says.

It has not been the only case of positive sensations , so if you seem exaggerated, maybe you are interested to know what a developer says that, in addition, is working on a title for the service. “Sony has been extremely deliberate with many of his elections on this, performance and immersion go beyond the resolution”.

There is also a certain concern about the use of the cable and, who have been able to prove it, comment that “you forget about it when you start playing.” They also talk about feelings that produce the haptic feedback of the device. _ “Hardics have a greater impact than you think. Think about the first time you experienced DualSense, now consider it in the context of virtual reality” _ .

It remains to be known all the details of PlayStation VR2 and your arrival at stores. At the moment we do not know or release date, nor price. But, at the moment, it is already inspiring that the first sensations are being good.

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