Take a freshly landed extra-terrestrial group on earth and passionate about boxing and put them in combat bullies in the air: you will get Bare Butt Boxing, a game of Grand-Guignolesque Castagne and color, announced For next year and who will make an early access debut on PC at the end of this year.

In the vein of multiple physics-based games released recently – at the forefront of which a certain Fall Guys \ – the next game of the Studio Tuatara promises big bastonades to several in a crazy atmosphere. “Bare Butt Boxing is our Ode at the games we liked growing and the people we liked to play” declares the studio in his presentation of the game. “ We hope the players will put their buttocks on the couch, in person or in Spirit, and will remember these white nights that were pure joy and chaotic with their friends and family. “And we must recognize that Bare Butt Boxing has tunes of Power Stone completely stupid and that he Promises some good crises laughing, judging by the trailer broadcast by the Canadian developer.

Strongest boxer on a female ass.

Tuatara promises arenas with multiple dangers, online multiplayer and local, as well as several game modes aimed at sprinkling a little fight. If the output of Bare Butt Boxing is expected during the next year on PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, it will still be possible to discover it in anticipated access – and only on PC – the end of this year.

Video Bare

Bare Butt Boxing – Trailer

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