Craftone, Solana and Block Condition, NFT Business Convention

Craftone, Solana and Block Condition, NFT Business Convention

[Data provided: Craft Tone]



\ – Long-term cooperation for Solilana and NFT games and services

** \ – Craftone, Web 3.0 Ecosystem Consistency of collaboration with a variety of companies and communities to continue to seek

The Craft Tone has signed a work agreement for the design and marketing of the block chain, and the design and marketing of the block chain / NFT games and services.

Through this Convention, both companies have established a long-term partnership for the development and operation of the block chain based on the “Solara” block chain. We agreed on cooperation with collaborative collaboration, which has been a variety of block systems, including game marketing, design, and designed to explore the opportunity to investment in the field of block chain.

Solana is a distributed block chain that is made to be extensible and user-friendly apps. One of the world’s high-performance blocks, it provides a predictable expansion solution without compromising security, binding, and supports long-term builds to developers. A single ‘Global State’ and short delays that can handle a number of smart smart contracts at a time, and a deserted clock ‘Profife of History’, which provides a completeness of less than 1 second, is leading the performance of Solara.

Solara Lab’s Johnny Lee Games Business Development Development, said, “I am pleased to have a craftone and a game that brought innovation in the game industry,” “said,” Gamers are looking for more and more temperatures, A quick response to the corresponding game company has been prepared for continuous success. “

Solana NFT Tutorial for Beginners

“Craftone is a partner to organize the Web 3.0 ecosystem together as a partner that has a web 3.0 ecosystem,” said a partner, including Solara, including the Solara, “said a block chain, which has a high technology and a variety of communities.” Solara One of the global high-performance blocks, which is an inexpensive commission, is showing a good example of web 3.0 ecosystems and technologies. Through this collaboration, we will acquire insights and know-how related to the block of the game, and will increase the business deployment rate. “

The Craftton is a regular in-house communication program ‘Craft Tone Live Talk’, “Global Live Ton Live Talk”, based on the development capabilities and operational experience of ‘Pubg: Battleground’ game worldwide, I said. Since then, we released a variety of areas and investment in various fields related to NFT, meta bus, and block chain, including Seoul Oil Blue, X-Balance, Naver Jet (Jepheto).

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