Apparently, the PS5 “Pro” is real and would come out in 2024

Apparently, the PS5 “Pro” is real and would come out in 2024

Already spent little more than a year since the launch of the _ playstation 5 _, and although to date it is still quite difficult to get one of these consoles, it seems that Sony already started thinking about his successor. We say this because according to a new report, an improved version of this new machine is already on track and could debut as soon as in 2024.

According to information published by RedGamingTech, ps5 “pro” is real and would be arriving at the market at some point of 2024. Apparently, this new console will be much more powerful than the current one, and will be thought Mainly for those who have planned to consume many Games of P LayStation VR2. Of course, there will also be more general improvements as a system of ray Tracing up to 2 times more powerful.

This same report mentions that the ps5 pro will use the processor TSMC 5NM , which makes use of the Zen 4 cores, which we see on high-end computers. This would be a significant improvement comparing the current processor of PS5 , which uses cores zen 2.

Being a rumor, it is best to take this information with reservation until it has official revelation, but if it is true, then there is the possibility that we see something about this hardware at some point of this year, or at the latest, at 2023.

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Editor’s note: It sounds like something a bit difficult that Sony is already enrolling to set aside the standard PS5, although it should not be surprised if this new version is true at the end of the day. At the moment we will have to wait for us, but I would say that you still do not think about getting rid of your ps5.

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