Barça introduces Real in the Bernabeu

Barça introduces Real in the Bernabeu

After 90 extremely one-sided minutes stood on the scoreboard of the Bernabeu a 0: 4 – and with this result, the households were actually still well served. You had to ask truly who will soon be in the Europa League and who will compete in the Champions League quarterfinals.

The short count of the first passage: two flanks, two head balls, two templates of Dembelé, two position errors of Alaba. The twelve words are especially the performance of Barcelona but not fair, the Catalans brought in the Bernabeu a remarkably dominant idea of ​​the lawn. The first chance of the leadership, however, had the royal, but Fede Valverde lurked to Ter Stegen (7.).

Dembelé prepares two goals

In the episode, Barcelona was defensively even more stable and moved up his ball-owned football to make Real Mürbe. Already in minute 12, the guests had to lead, but Aubameyang had a high-skill lightly lie. Shortly thereafter Ferran Torres’ Schlenzer over the right corner (18.). Barça squeezed and rewarded himself soon: Dembelé was not stopped in Dribbling, his dimensional edge estimated Alaba wrong and Aubameyang worried about the 1-0 (29th).

Real was forced to be with his counter concept – and would almost be rewarded, but Vinicius Junior brought the ball past Ter Stegen, but not over the line (36th). A minute before, Aubameyang could have increased with links, if not. For the 2-0 pause level, a corner football, the Dembelé Butterwich brought into the middle, where Alaba was awarded – Araujo was behind it in the air and nodded (38.). It could have come even thicker, but the fall of Jordi Alba on the Free Aubameyang was too high (44.).

ALL smiles for Barca at the Bernabeu ????

Aubameyang writes story

A tactical knee of Real-Coach Carlo Ancelotti made it worse with the side change, the Italian built on a triple chain. This was not even 30 seconds after restarted for the first time, but alone before the gate Ferran Torres failed the nerves.

Only one minute later Aubameyang served the Spaniard but the ball – by hoe! – Again on the silver tray and this time he used the chance to 3-0 (47.). Only four pointer turns on it returned Ferran Torres, Aubameyang raised the ball worth seeing about Courtois (51.). The Gaboner wrote the story: No player was previously involved in three hits in his first Clasico in the 21st century.

Voltage in the master race rather unlikely

On a trees real, the fans waited in vain, instead, Aubameyang left the 5-0 within four minutes twice (58., 62.). Ferran Torres and Dembelé (64., 73.) were similarly inconsistent. Alaba, after the side change on the left wing, was almost the most striking “offensive player” at Real (77., 79.).

In the end, Barcelona was really merciful that it was only 4: 0. But the statement of the Catalans will be able to resonate throughout Europe. The fact that new tension occurs in the master race is unlikely – with a game less, Barça can take a maximum of nine points. Seville, first pursuer real, left the 0-0 against Real Sociedad – Third Remis in a row on Sunday – even feathers.

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