AI2D Action “Will You Snail?” Project that should end in 2 weeks, after all, for projects for four years [Developer Interviews]

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, we will deliver a mini-in-tavy to the AI2D action “ Will You Snail? ” developer developed by Jonas Tyroller, AI2D action started early on March 9.

This work is a 2D action going through the trap installed by AI. Evil AI “SQUID” will look at the player’s movement and predict the next movement and place the trap ahead. Puzzles that are not essential for clearing and collecting the secret search element that can be seen by collecting is also characterized. At the time of article writing, it is not Japanese.

“Will You Snail?” Is delivered for 1,520 yen.

– First of all, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

Jonas German Indie Games Developer is a 27-year-old Jonas. He started YouTube channels for game development approximately four years ago and record all of its development processes as a full-time game developer. I jointly developed the light city construction game called “Islanders” and released this work, which is a fierce 2D action. This work is to go ahead while dealing with AI who predicts player movement.

One of the most favorite games is “OUTER WILDS”.

-Why did you start developing this work?

Jonas originally, this work was just a stupid little side project. I wanted to try to make a game that makes many people frustrating. The AI ​​reads the trap to read the player’s movement and put the trap to advance, and it was to be the most frustrating as possible. So this system really likes many people is honestly surprised. I felt more and more this work, and the project that should end in 2 weeks has been a project for four years.

– Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

Jonas This work is differentiated from other 2D actions to be the presence of evil AI. He predicts where the player is trying to go next and use this information to make a trap appear. However, since this uses a simple prediction algorithm, machine learning is not installed. Still, it is very fun to play this with this.

This evil AI is called “SQUID”, and when the player misses a mistake, it will be scolded with various words. This work is a single player game, but I will not feel like playing al1. Because it is always playing together with Squid (laughs).

– What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

The more you like Jonas, the more you like, the more perfect for this work.

  • 2D action

  • Evil Ai

  • Baka-like voice

  • Actions that reflective nerves are important

  • High difficulty

  • Shortless but action element full of action

  • Destruction of the fourth wall

  • Various gameplays (actions, puzzles, races, fighting, etc.)

  • Secret search

  • Non-linear story terring

  • Mystery of simulation, AI, and universe

Various different elements appear in this work. Therefore, there is no perfectly perfect target. 2D action fans, of course, I would like to enjoy people who are interested in unusual indie games and those who are interested in artificial intelligence.

– Is there a work affected by this work?

Jonas yes. AI ‘SQUID’, a well-spoken evil, is influenced by “Portal 2” Glados. High-sight 2D actions were affected by “Super Meat Boy” and “Celeste”. Elements that cause players frustrating are referring to works like Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy.

Non-linear storytelling, who has no ready to read the content, a great influence of “OUTER WILDS”, one of my favorite games. This work is simply said that I have put together what I like in one game.

– Is there any plan to support Japanese work? Is it possible to translate?

Translation into various languages ​​of Jonas this work is progressing steadily by the community. Japanese is currently translated by 12%. There are already several translators in the community, but if you can help you, you can participate at any time. Please come to the Discord server of this work, and see the information on the Become A Translator channel.

– Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

Jonas probably has a somewhat mentally affected. But there is no one who did not get scratched at all, right? Development of this work was carried out from home alone, so I was lucky and the development itself was not affected at all. I was very happy because I was able to continue my favorite things. Unfortunately, there were many people who did not go.

– Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

Jonas, of course. My goal is to enjoy everyone in this work, and I think that it is good in different forms. It is only one of them to play. I’m glad if I make content in the game I made.

Soundtracks can also be used freely with SNS, making remixes and uploading MIDI files is also OK. MOD also loves personally. At the same time as I can have a certain degree to some extent, I’m very happy to make any derived work, unless I have to steal something, and I get money even if I earn money There is n1. Please be creative! And please enjoy it!

– Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

In the Jonas game industry, Japan’s business results are large and still exist. Therefore, I am grateful that you can return to every1. I am very looking forward to Japanese text (and audio?). Thank you for all support. And I’m glad if you enjoy this work!

–thank you.

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