LOL: The eliminated mechanics that converted League of Legends into a Nike advertisement

LOL: The eliminated mechanics that converted League of Legends into a Nike advertisement

Nostalgia invade from time to time to the community of League of Legends . Many players dream of the return of the old seasons by making any past time it was better and aspire to Riot Lance one day the expected version “Classic”. However, this does not stop being a trap lying through our brain, which usually reminded the past in a very optimistic way. Far from that the game is at its worst, some of the worst “crimes” of the developer took place during the first seasons.

Nike slogan in League of Legends

One of the elements that we would not want to see again or in paint are the old runes . Distributed in four spaces, with them we could increase the base statistics of our character. Brands, stamps, glyphs and quintences that we could not configure before each game and forced us to play on many occasions with no optimal configurations. It was an antique that the players already criticized in the first years of play and that included what we still consider an aberration today: A small rune that gave 0.9% chance to send a critical hit .

At first the players did not pay too much attention to this rune while considering that the percentage obtained was practically useless. The probability of critic was too reduced and it would be very difficult to make it relevant in each game. However, from the third season began to become very popular thanks to the Streamers and Professional Players . They showed a different logic: in exchange for losing the point of damage that the brands of AD contributed and that it would almost always be irrelevant, they would use this rune that once every six or seven games could mean winning the line and carrying out a ball effect of devastating snow

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Over time, the use of this Rune was extended to the entire community, generating important criticism of Riot Games. If nowadays the mechanics of critical blows remain one of the most controversial due to the interactions of a few champions, at that time it was even worse. At that time critics made twice as much damage than current attacks. In addition, the developers did not eliminate this league of legends rune until 2018 they introduced the new system. In this way, for almost five years some games were decided, as in Nike’s announcement, for 1% possibilities (and 99% faith).

Although League of Legends still has balance problems and some more frustrating mechanics, the truth is that the game has been improving in design issues. Riot Games has been especially cautious with the random elements , reducing the importance of the critic in most champions and creating mechanics such as the infinite edge that make them depend less on luck. It is true that there are still some characters like Gangplank or Apalelios who depend too much on this statistic, but it seems a matter of time the developer reduces his relevance.

We would all like to play the classic version of League of Legends. It would be a unique experience capable of going back to a time when we enjoyed the game in a different way. However, there is no doubt that many players would take a great disappointment by realizing that some of the worst mechanical come, precisely, from that time . After all, we talked about a stage in which Riot created champions in three days and the details were not much as careful as now.

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