Valorant: The ironic virus disguised as Cheto who is hurting the game cheats

Valorant: The ironic virus disguised as Cheto who is hurting the game cheats

Ahnlab , one of the main technological security companies in the world, recently revealed that false tricks have been used in Valorant to steal information from players’ computers. The files that some players installed to cheat on their games would be the triggers of a case in which cheatings are given “from their own medicine”.

Indian Man Beats VALORANT's Shady Anticheat...
These cases became more frequent after a lot of users will start Search tricks for Riot Games FPS in YouTube videos , where many of the links to download cheat codes actually contain malicious malware. Such is the heartiness of these hackers that even suggest that you deactivate the antivirus before installing the file.

Double mistake

This “trick file” in question is called Redline Stealer , and is even able to avoid the protection of antivirus programs. Inside the “Plut Vínt Cheat.rar” compressed file, which is spoken in the original article, there is an executable file called “Cheater Installer.exe”, and there it is precisely where the malware is located.

When the file finally runs, start collecting a series of information from the infected computer, such as user passwords saved in browsers, screenshots and even crypto wallet files. Not to mention the possibility of staying with data from private conversations. After stealing user information, the malicious program creates a compressed file with all the stolen information and a copy is sent to itself using the API Discord WebHooks .

In addition to the risks for computer integrity, the violation of competitive integrity and risk of theft and flight leakage, the use of cheats, be false or true, the attempt to install a cheat program for Valorant can cause the bathroom of the User’s account in the game. There is no other way to earn more games in the game that improve your skill with the vandal.

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