Europa League: Drawing for the quarterfinals now in the Liveticker

Europa League: Drawing for the quarterfinals now in the Liveticker

As part of a draw, today the pairings are drawn for the quarterfinals of the Europa League. The draw can you follow here in the live ticker.

The secondary final is over, now in the Europa League the quarterfinals is imminent. For this, however, the pairings must first be drawn. This takes place today in the form of a draw. In the live ticker by today you will learn who will be admitted to whom.

Europa League, draw: the quarterfinal lots at a glance

Team 1 Team 2

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2021/22 UEFA Europa League quarter-final and semi-final draw

Europa League: Draw for the quarterfinals now in the Liveticker – before starting

Before starting: at this point again the indication that since this season has fallen away the away. Quite simply expressed, in the end all goals from rounding and returns are counted, whoever has more, wins.

Before starting: Should one believe the betting providers, two teams are favored for the Europa League victory: On the one hand, the recurred Catalans from Barcelona, ​​to the other RB Leipzig. Perhaps very interesting, from the teams, who came from the Champions League, are only three with RB, Barca and Atalanta. The rest began the European journey this season right in the Europa League.

Before starting: Exceptionally you can talk about Lostopf (singular). And that does the peculiarity of this draw immediately. There are no restrictions anymore. All teams land in a pot, there is no exclusion criteria anymore, everyone can hit every1. So two teams from a country, but in this special trap, there was not so much choice. Is only one country represented by two teams.

Before being started: In the quarterfinals, the Glasgow Rangers, FC Barcelona, ​​Sporting Braga, Atalanta Bergamo, Olympique Lyon and West Ham United and the two Bundesligaes RB Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Before starting: **** The draw takes place today at 13.30 in the house of European football in Nyon, Switzerland, instead.

Before starting: **** Hello and welcome to the draw for the quarterfinals of the Europa League.

Europa League: Draw for the quarterfinals today on TV and Livestream

The draw for the quarterfinals is transmitted today by SKY. On A free Livestream is offered in this regard, even in the app skySport this is available. Furthermore, the event will also be transferred in Pay TV at SKY SPORT NEWS HD. However, access to SKY SPORT NEWS HD is chargeable.

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Europa League: The eight quarter-finalists at a glance


RB Leipzig
Glasgow Rangers
FC Barcelona
Sporting Braga
Atalanta Bergamo
Olympique Lyon
West Ham United
Eintracht Frankfurt

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