Sand Largue of new gameplay sequences

Sand Largue of new gameplay sequences

The coming of age stories appear more and more frequently in the games, but rarely as a central point of history. The last of us Ellie had slowly grew up in maturity during history, but the focus was on his growing relationship with Joel. “The life is strange 2_ Sean was growing slowly and assumed responsibility for his actions, but it takes a step back to deal with the superpowers of his younger brother.

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The fact is that the history of the transition to adulthood is not often at the center of the concerns in the games because it is not necessarily the most engaging gameplay. It’s something that happens along the way while the characters save the world, fight the yakuza or destroy a plot.

The new Shedwork game – Posted by Raw Fury – stands out immediately because it is explicitly about a coming-of-age story, although most games of the genre, the backdrop is anything but normal.

Although we did not know the details of the story, we know that the decor is a post-apocalyptic desert, dotted with ancient ruins and crushed space vessels. Sand is free to explore, climb and slip into the vast landscape as it seeks to find forgotten mysteries for a long time. There are also nomads that you can help – or not – on the way.

Like many games in open world, sand is filled with secondary quests and puzzles that you can complete or ignore, as you see fit. With an original band of the famous independent artist Japanese Breakfast who strongly emphasizes the relaxation, the game is just as conducive to exploring the landscape without distraction.

As for the appearance of the game, it is certainly elegant, animated in the Ligne Claire style popularized by the adventures of Tintin. It will not be for everyone, but since some of the biggest games of all time have experienced unusual artistic styles (such as the Sabe Okami) sand could find its audience.

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