Launched knowledge interactive that conversates like Naver,

Launched knowledge interactive that conversates like Naver,

Naver announced on the 18th that they have released a “knowledge interactive” service that asked as a dialogue like AI and people.

The services include an invited AI Hyperclova, and a interactive AI model with more altimable AID AI technology of Naver. Naver is a plan to communicate with AI and commands the 3D model, and AR provides the information on the real space, and provides an evolutionary search usability that interacts with the user.

** ■ Ask questions as you talk to people,

The biggest advantage of Naver Knowledge Interactive is that even asking questions in everyday terms, AI is understanding and looking for expertise. Especially, since AI is implemented as if it is implemented as if it is directly answered, the user is able to make a feeling that it feels like a real conversation, and it is possible to realize a feeling.

For example, in the existing search, the information that can be entered in the ‘Tirano Sorus Eye’, “Tirano Sorusa, what kind of food is” Tirano Sorusa, what kind of food is “?” “I am mainly I ate dinosaurs. I can see my teeth in the bones of many herbal dinosaurs. ” Asked, “I am very happy”, and I understand this as a question about sight, “I have a 55-degree binomy of 55 degrees than Hyungi Mae, and I have 13 times a sharp vision than a person.”

In addition, Naver realizes a search target as a 3D model, which provides a more vibrant search experience for users to provide WebXR-based AR functions. Search for Tirano Saurus and “walk” or “jump”, etc., the actual movement is reproduced. In addition, it is possible to bring 3D Tirano Sores on real space, and continue the conversation or expand it to the actual size.

Naver is beginning to start Tirano Saurus, providing services for dinosaurs who frequently retrieve the dinosaurs, and will enlarge the subject in the future.

■ Interactive AI Language Model Grip with the latest AI technology combination

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Naver combines the latest AI technology that informs the source of AI answers, and has strengthened the competitiveness of interactive search AI models. As such, Naver’s altimited search AI technology ‘Knowledge Interactive’ is a new search brand ‘Air Search’, which has been introduced last year, planning to develop into a smart block with various forms in the future.

In the knowledge interactive with the latest AI technology, not only can I search for a naturally conversation, but I can also identify the basis and origin of the information I answer. If existing chatots are able to interact with predetermined responses, the knowledge interactive is not a form to learn a predetermined answer, so it is possible to respond to a wide range of queries.

In addition, we identify the intention of the user and find the appropriate answers from the documentation, such as knowledge bags, such as knowledge bags, extracting documents and phrases that can support that answer, and after extracting the verses, and after the associated content References. The user can check the source through the resources and further information.

Naver Search CIC Hydrophole Responsibility Leader said, “We expect to seek the latest AI technology to meet the latest AI technology, and the latest AI technology, such as knowledge and knowledge, such as knowledge interactive,” said Naver Search.

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