“Mine Craft” Deep Dark Biomu implementation with the latest snapshot. Muddy to muddy to frog added elements

“Mine Craft” Deep Dark Biomu implementation with the latest snapshot. Muddy to muddy to frog added elements

Mojang Studios distributed Java version snapshot 22W11A on March 16th, “ Main Craft “. In this snapshot, new MOBs have been added in addition to new biomes.

First of all, “Deep Dark” has been added for new biomes. Deep Dark is a depthly biometed biom. MOB does not spawn. A large feature is that the ground is covered with a block called Skark. Among these, the Skark Catalist blocks are a mysterious block that spits something like a soul. When MOB dies near the Skark Catalist block, no experience is dropped, and instead, energy diffuses and a dark green sculk block is generated around.

Also, when the sculk block spreads, sometimes the scal square and scalqueak shredder may be generated. The scal set sensor sends a signal to the Skull Quiller when the player’s vibration is detected. The Sekark Shleager who received the signal uttered sound like a voiced voice. If this is repeated many times, powerful MOB Warden will be summoned. Sneaky behavior is important in Deep Dark so that Waden is not called by Skark. However, in the current snapshot, Waden is not yet implemented.

Besides this, many new blocks appear. Mangrove trees are plants that will be given to mangrove biomes implemented in the future. Colorful wood appeared such as wood blocks, original wood blops, root blocks. Conventionally, a corresponding building material block, such as a mangrove door and a mangrove staircase, has been added. Mangrove leaves and mangroves are also implemented. Mukago grows in four stages and breaks up at the time of maximum growth to be planted as seedlings. At present, although the seedlings grow and become oak trees, it will be nurtured by the mangrove properly.

Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot 22W11A Frogs, Tadpoles, Froglights & More!

Mud (MUD) blocks were also introduced according to the mangrove. This is a block of planning to cover the Mangrove Biom. When walking on the mud block, the character is slightly sinking. However, there is no slowdown effect like a soul sandwich. Mud blocks can also be generated by using a watered bottle on earth blinds. Mud brokes can also be generated from the mud lenger and can be crafted into the walls, stairs, etc.

And a frog was newly added as a MOB. Frogs can jump, swim, and walk on the ground. It may sound with gherogero. And frogs can eat some small enemy MOBs. If you ate a small slime, drop the slime ball. When eating a small magma cube, you drop a frog light (Froglight) block. Frog Light is a type of light source blocks, there are three types. Even frogs do not eat the magma cube, it seems there is a possibility to drop a frog write block with a certain probability. In addition, also a tadpole is a frog of juveniles has been added, to the growth of the cold, proper temperature, warming the different types of the frogs by growing up environment.

Besides Directional Audio (directional audio) is mounted on the other headphone for, it has been made many also technical renovation. Patch notes full text I want to check here (English).

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