Closeness, defensive, axis: where magath is required

Closeness, defensive, axis: where magath is required

With the career as a Bundesliga coach, he had finally completed almost nine and a half years after the end in Wolfsburg. Then came the call from Berlin, and after all, what you know, Felix Magath did not have to think for a long time.

“I did not do anything else but my life except football,” said Magath on Monday afternoon at his presentation. “I just can not help. I’m a footballer, I want football and I love football. In the past I have shown on my coach stations that I am able to adapt to the situations. I have the task in different Bundesliga clubs of the firefighter, so take over teams at the end of the table and took the turnaround. That’s succeeded in six or seven clubs. “

Germany surrenders to the USSR

Now he wants to do it again, a suspected last time. And Magath dares the Temporary Temporary Task in Berlin – of course – too, he sees in her “something that is tailored to me”. In his 40-minute entitement press conference, the 68-year-old, who was a European champion player and twice vice-world champions and with the HSV twice a European championship winner and who won the Double and the VfL Wolfsburg twice and with the VfL Wolfsburg as a coach and with the VfL Wolfsburg, the German championship Self-confident and clear. On Tuesday Magath puts on the square.

The Tuesday Magath says where the successor of Tayfun must attach corkut.

It depends on these points for Magath

Closeness: CEO FREDI BOBIC brought it in the previous week: “There must be a team as soon as possible, we are not.” Hertha as a collection of individualists and groups – that’s the impression that has been prevailing for months. A team evening in the previous week was internal as a step forward. Magath becomes and has to do everything possible to form a unit as soon as possible. He wants “all in and around the club sensitize that now is the time to tackle against a descent together. Everyone has to join,” said Magath on Monday. “The fans belong to it, the office belongs, but the city of Berlin is also part of it.”

Above all, the professionals belong to whose rows there were so far too many egoisms. In case of doubt, Magath will take over, a reduction in the training group seems conceivable. Bobic called Magath on Monday someone, “who is used for discipline” who “has a clear and hard hand”. Corkut was in some moments too soft. There is no risk with his successor.

Temperament: From itself, the team last developed much too little passion and resistance. Corkut was often lethargic, as blocked-acting team not liven up permanently. From Tuesday it will try Magath: with new stimulus points and another speech. The goal is clear: more friction in the team, more communication – and more success.

Felix Magath starts training with the Herthans on Tuesday, then the mission starts class preservation. Imago / Matthias Koch

Defensive: Hertha as a shooting floor – 60 goals after 26 games are a devastating balance. Under Kulkut, all the dams broke, against Leipzig (1: 6) and Frankfurt (1: 4), Hertha was formally disassembled. Also in Gladbach (0: 2) Hertha was temporarily a ball before the pause. Defective staggering and hedging, crass individual dropouts and a fatal susceptibility to standards (already 21 goals): Hertha makes the opponents the goal shooting for the start of the season. Without more compactness and concentration, the league is an illusion.

Axis : Bruno Labbadia was looking for her and found her until his dismissal in January 2021. The at the end of November by Bobic Pal Dardai Missing Leader in the team, Tayfun Korkut as well. This cradled squad is lacking in players who span the head when it is windy – and give their side cars. Corks partly forced, sometimes without distress-prescribed personnel rockers rinsed last not only the previous Number-1-Keeper Alexander Schwolow, but also Captain Dedryck Boyata, South Serdar, Marco Richter and previously Niklas strongly from the Stammelt. The Kevin-Prince Boateng committed by Bobic in summer as a supposed Leader was never a factor in the sport.

Magath has to quickly find a scaffold with which he is concerned with the mission of class content.

Resistance is the big topic

Offensive: Corks Order, Hertha to miss a more active, more offensive style, threw outgoing income in the first month – afterwards. Hertha’s offensive stunted recently. Too schematically, too little dynamic, not variable and creative enough: the game in possession of possession, until the end Dardais largest construction site, Kulkut could not develop decisively. Six goals in nine rounds of return: Hertha’s attacking game needs more structure, courage and purpose. It could help to put game-strong professionals like Suat Serdar and Jurgen Ekkelenkamp on their strongest positions and give them more playing as well as the lively Marco Richter.

System: Corkut, which consistently put on a 4-4-2 in its first Berlin weeks, experimented more and more in the face of missing victories. A 4-3-3 was used more often, in Gladbach then a 3-5-2 – with three nominally rather defensive-aligned central midfield players (Santiago Ascacibar, Lucas Tousart, Vladimir Darida) behind the largely cut double-lace ishak Belfondil / Davie Selke.

Flexibility does not hurt, but Hertha’s professionals hardly knew in which direction she wanted to lead her supervisor. Tactical and Personal Lechzt this highly misusable team after more resistance.

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