Elden Ring: How to open the locked door of the elevator chamber

Elden Ring: How to open the locked door of the elevator chamber

The method for opening the locked door of Lifside Chamber might be able to remove ELDENRING players who want to explore Stormleil Castle in its entirety. Stormleil Castle is the first full-fledged dungeon, which stands in front of the player after defeating Margit The Fur Omen, and has countless areas that deviate from the main path, or places that are hidden and difficult to access. The liftside chamber is such an example, and this manual shows what is required by the player to land on the other side of the door, which he once blocked the path.

How to open the locked door of the liftside chamber in Stormleil Castle

Unlocking the Elevator in Stormveil Castle | Elden Ring Guide
Open this particular door in ELDENRING will require some platform by the player. Although the silver strip is this, none of the jumps that need to be tried is fatal and can be attempted without too much concerns. Start with the elevator chamber Site of Grace and drive up with the elevator, this should lead to a part of the castle walls. Turn left by the open gate and turn to the right. You will see the secluded cell place of grace in front of you when you go down the smashed sidewalks. Instead, hold on the left walls of the open area and go to the wooden planks.

The players now have to jump from the wooden planks to the railing in front of them and shoot over to the opposite ends, until they are in a good position to jump on the open balcony next to the open bows. Go beyond the arches and turn right into a kind of storage room, go forward and you can find yourself on some wooden boards, directly above the place where you are started for the first time than you with the elevator to this section the card has been driven. Cross the concrete patch in the room in front of you. Behind the grass pads, you will find yourself in another storage room, which is filled with white-clad citizens this time.

Beyond the room, the outer walls of Stormleil Castle are located, a message on the floor shows the player that he goes in the right direction. Hold on the walls to your left while leaving the floors to get back into the house through the open gate. Go through the room and the player should find the locked door of the liftside chamber at the end of the passage.

After opening the locked door, players should consider tracing their steps when there are items that they have not collected from the previous areas through which they are swept. In addition, you now have free access to the deeper depths of the castle storm veil, where an encounter with a mighty enemy at the end is that you are granted to you golden seeds . If players are unable to master the challenge of the enemy, they can consider to venture somewhere else before returning to the fight again.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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