An update dedicated to mining on EVE Online

An update dedicated to mining on EVE Online

At the base of the food chain on the MMORPG SANDBOX Eve Online is the minor, also present as a prospector. Unbooting, he tracks pebbles in the asterids or will extract moose monoliths, aboard a frail frightened or a real outbreak compression plant. The minor is a target for other drivers, but indispensable to the game economy.

EVE Online - first mining in the New Dawn patch
The last full update of a chapter experience for new players regarding mining, when narration is played out of resource collection. In addition, the industrial command vessels (whales, ORCA and Porpoise) now have modules allowing all members of the fleet around the surrounding up to compress their own materials, facilitating this activity. The Mining Blitz event is also output, harvest but also connect to win dedicated rewards.

A controversy is, however, from the game, because one of the packs offered in store related to the theme of “The Path of Prospector” offers a barge of mining. If the vessel appearances usually proposed in these offers are cosmetic, the possibility of buying directly from the ships brings part of the players, especially for a MMORPG based on its economy. Eve online must avoid borrowing the channel of Star Citizen , unless CCP Games holds to be raised by its own community.

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