Gaming: Russia is considering legalization of software

Gaming: Russia is considering legalization of software

City on the state-supported newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports that the Russian government has already changed some local intellectual property rules for intellectual property as a result of Russia, as a result of Russia, to avoid the right western patentee.

According to the report, Russia has quasi by the introduction of new laws piracy. These enable companies to use innovations from “unfriendly” countries without paying for the use of them.

In general, the laws should favor the production of certain goods, which are normally supplied by Western companies. In the future, however, the application could also expand on non-licensed software.

At the beginning of the week Torrent reported freak of plans of Russia to revoke software licenses or refuse to issue them.

In a government document, talk about a possible cancellation of liability for the use of non-licensed software, which is the ownership of a copyright holder from countries supported by sanctions.

The proposed measure includes both civil law and criminal liability.

In addition to the numerous sanctions by the governments of different countries, numerous companies announced a boycott of Russia lately.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have already set large parts of their business activities within Russia.

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Other large gaming companies such as Electronic Arts, CD project, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and Epic Games also refrain from continuing their products in Russia.

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