Location of all reconnaissance drones in Horizon Forbidden West

Location of all reconnaissance drones in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West offers many collectible items, one of which Research Drones . These aircraft can be found scattered around the world, and they will appear on the map only when players will be in close proximity to them. Collecting these researchers will change the room in Elo’s operating base, with each drone will change part of the room to match the environment in which they were detected. There are only ten researchers, and the location of each of them is described in detail below.

Research Drone: draw land

Horizon Forbidden West - All Survey Drone Locations

Research Dron: draw land found next to Thunder jaw site south-west from Ruins Reliquia: draw land .

Research Dron: Plainsong

Players will find Research Drone: Plainsong Only to the northeast from Plain Song Village.

Research Drone: Around Year

To the east of puzzling spear And only northeast from Ruins Relics: Dry Tosca Players will find Research Dron: A dry year .

Research Drone: Greensuel

Research Dron: Greenswell You can find by traveling to the northeast from burning spear village.

Research Drone: Stillestes

Players can find Research Dron: Stillesands Going to the south of Ruins Reliquia: Silent Sands .

Research Drone: ThornMarsh

Research Dron: ThornMarsh Located a little northeast. Tornmarsh village.

Research Drone: Gray Peak

Research Dron: Graypeak A little in the wilderness, as it is located in the mountains to the west of Area’s mouth .

Research Dron: Stand Guardians

Going to the south-east of Tallnek: Stand Guardians Players will find Research Drone: Stand Guardes Along the coast.

Research Dron: Mountain Shirside

Research Dron: Shirside Mountains Located at the very top of the map north of Bastion .

Research Dron: Spread Island

Having reached the island of spiers, the player will receive access to Research Dron: Spread Island Which is located to the west of Heritage Edge .

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