Hertha coach Korkut introduces the pressure: “Do not mind”

Hertha coach Korkut introduces the pressure: “Do not mind”

Trainer Tayfun Korkut by Hertha BSC has been presenting himself from Borussia Mönchengladbach’s decisive basement duel at Borussia Mönchengladbach. “It’s a nice sentence: losing banned. I do not mind. And so I take that too. I have my responsibility here and focus on points we pointed with the team,” said the coach on Thursday.

Previously, Sports Managing Director Fredi Bobic had taken a duty for the game on Saturday (18.30) Trainer and the team (“We need points”). Since Hertha is currently on the relegation rank 16 and has not obtained any of so far nine mandatory matches in 2022, the encounter with Tables 13. For corkut as a final. The 47-year-old had only replaced Pal Dardai last November and fetched nine counter in twelve league games.

The game of the Rhine countries, which are only four points in front of the Berliners, called Bobic as a unique opportunity. “We have a great opportunity to pull a club that also has other claims to yourself, with a close up and get along with,” said the 50-year-old. The Gladbacher finally won only one of seven league games.

Corkut also explained his appeal to the team (“fucking me!”) From the training of Tuesday, which had been considered a lot on social media. “There were two languages ​​left,” he said about the speech he had held in a mix of German and English: “But then it would probably have been too long, that’s me too. That’s also one of it Of course, made great. But believe me: that often happens. ” Important, so corkut, had been “the Embassy”.

Bobic: “Not important to talk about a movie now”

For sports managing director Fredi Bobic, the most recent tensions between Hertha BSC and the Investor Lars Windhorst have no influence on the relegation battle. “It’s not important to talk about a movie or documentation now,” said Bobic. “This has nothing to do with the game. We focus on it.”

Previously, the Sport picture had reported that Windhorst and his Tennor Group had stopped a documentary about the club. Corporate Speaker Andreas Fritzenkötter said the leaf, the film had “neither the agreed ideas nor professional claims”, since, among other things, “a high-level member of the Hertha management of the current camera in an honorable and condescending way has expressed via Mr. Windhorst as an investor”. Windhorst had invested 375 million euros since his entry in 2019.

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According to Bobic, the processes around Windhorst played “no role in the team”. Nevertheless, so the sports chief, you wish “in such times that the cohesion is still greater. We work.” The Berliners are in the Bundesliga on the relegation rank 16 and are heavily threatened by the descent. In mid-February, Windhorst had already taken care of an interview with the economic magazine Capital for whirls, in which he had sharply criticized the Hertha leadership.

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