Chapter 6: I remember Me “- a triangle strategy

Chapter 6: I remember Me “- a triangle strategy

Chapter VI: “Remember me” Triangle Strategy begins in the Whiteholm Castle, where your group is waiting for Sira Maxwell and his rescue boat. The new battle of “Escape from the Whiteholm Castle” will begin after you choose the detachments. To win, defeat enemies on the lifting bridge, past the gate to secure them. . But, as in the last battle, you will instantly lose if you allow Roland to fall.

Accommodation of units and combat strategy

recommended ninth level for this fight. Hewette will be useful to take with me, since the pair of archers will be high above all. Bring a heavy attacking with high protection, for example Eradidor as well as Gila whose ability to heal and acceleration will be priceless. Strengthen your long-scale magicians, such as Kentin and Narner, if you have, and use them with benefit. Benedict Support abilities To raise the attack and protect your units.

The enemy forces are waiting for you behind the lifting bridge, and you have to beat off from them both in front and from the rear that Maxwell will cover without your help. Get to Schieldrian guarding the lever, and win it to pull the lever and open the gate. At this moment, the four keepers of the ninth level will appear to join two ninth level blades already waiting on the bridge.

Escape with Roland intact

You need to be very careful with two archers of a ninth level of exphosis sitting on high ledges above the gate. Their height really makes the rain arrows formidable. Do not rush Serena or Roland alone To defeat the enemy, guarding the lever, or archers and others can defeat them in one course of a pair of critical hits.

⚔️Triangle Strategy ????️ - 【Straightforward Gameplay Walkthrough】 Chapter 6: Remember Me

As soon as you defeat the blades on the bridge, two blade of the tenth level, two more shields of the ninth level and another archer of the ninth level will arrive at the back and give Maxwell enough to handle al1. You do not need to worry about them If you don’t need an experience, so push the last of your detachments through the gate and take care of the four shooters blocking you from escape.

If you experience difficulties, take advantage of the mental battles in the camp to make your detachments stronger. Hosseabara adds a new battle, the level of which rises with each chapter.

For more help on a triangle strategy, keep it here in playgrounds for professionals.

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